The pensioner was eaten Ukrainian: surfaced terrible facts, “this is not the first victim”

Пенсионерка съела украинца: всплыли жуткие факты, "это не первая жертва"

There was a terrible facts about the Russian pensioner, who is suspected of cruel murder of the citizen of Ukraine

As Russian media reports, 80-year-old pensioner in the end it may be a serial killer, as two disappearances may be on her conscience.

Residents of an apartment building where he lived retired, is not surprised by the charges that the security forces pushed the woman. According to them, the grandmother Sonia (name changed) was physically strong, rude and liked to drink.

Пенсионерка съела украинца: всплыли жуткие факты, "это не первая жертва"

“One of the men described how she repairs easily and without straining, took it from his apartment heavy cast iron semisektsionny the radiator steam heating, and carrying in the shoulder bags of potatoes. Who gave many years of hard physical work, the pensioner good-natured demeanour was no different”, the article says the Russian edition.

In addition, the night was brutally murdered a citizen of Ukraine, the neighbors heard strange sounds coming from the apartment of the old woman.

“I got a chandelier on the ceiling bounced. To strong the kicks were. I have the feeling that the chopped wood at home. Then silence. Then two minutes later some more blows. We woke up, but everything seems quiet. And she hasn’t gone anywhere – she has an iron door, would have heard. The next day at nine o’clock in the evening in the floor something again hollowed. Long about an hour. What it was, we figured that when he heard about the murder. Night, apparently, carried the body,” – says one of the tenants.

Neighbors also argue that the pensioner had long noticed some oddities. She always acted aggressive towards children, and it was also suspected in the killings of neighborhood cats.

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Пенсионерка съела украинца: всплыли жуткие факты, "это не первая жертва"

Also, rossm write that 80-year-old pensioner had previously been a suspect in the case of the missing roommate. The woman sold the apartment and had to leave in Primorye, but decided to spend the night at the old woman, and disappeared.

In addition, neighbors discussed the strange disappearance of the Schoolgirls from the entrance, where the “bad” apartment. A few years ago, a child on return from school rang the doorbell, walked into the entrance and disappeared.

We will remind that in Russia there was a scandal because of the pensioner, which is accused of the brutal murder of a Ukrainian. As found by the Russian media, the victim came to Russia from Ukraine and worked as a janitor. In turn the pensioner had worked with sabishisa on a pig farm.

“She was a cannibal. The inside of the man found in her fridge, and the bones of the grandmother decided to throw away. But the dogs smelled the blood and carried off all the contents in the streets” — said the publication DVHab with reference to own sources in law enforcement bodies.

We will remind, the schoolgirl brutally stabbed stepfather: “the eyes of the mother.”

As reported Politeka, criminals brutally murdered with a famous journalist.

Also Politeka wrote that over a taxi driver staged a brutal massacre in Kharkov: “shot and cut”.

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