The pensioner drove into the street because of debts for communal: “no paid 20K”

Пенсионерку выгнали на улицу из-за долгов по коммуналке: «не заплатила 20 тысяч»

In one of the districts of Kharkiv region the pensioner was thrown out because she was coping with debt

This is reported by local media.

So, women in the city of Lozova were arrears communal in the amount of 20 thousand hryvnia. According to journalists, there with her lived her two adult sons.

Пенсионерку выгнали на улицу из-за долгов по коммуналке: «не заплатила 20 тысяч»

Later it turned out that the apartment was sold at auction three years ago, but the pensioner continued to live there and not pay communal.

“a woman almost a year was persuaded to have applied to KIU, made a restructuring agreement and paid the debt, otherwise the apartment will sell,” — said the head of the Lozovsky Department of Executive services Vitaly Bunaken.

He also said that instead of debts the family had hired lawyers.

“The debtors continued to pay. Doing only that which they hired lawyers, which they paid money for it. And the apartment handed over for implementation,” he said.

The published photo can be seen in the apartment come the representatives of the Executive service. After a long argument, already the former owner of the apartment allowed us to take things from the apartment.

“It is, to put it mildly the situation that has now arisen. Therefore, we will contact the authorities to have them check out why for such a small amount was sold, and why people are now actually losing their homes, and put them on the street,” said Secretary of Lozova city Council Sergei Koba.

As previously reported, Ukrainians rapidly increasing responsibilities for the installed electric energy. According to the national Commission, performing the settlement in the fields of energy, public services and, in 2018, the debt buyers increased from 28.9 billion UAH. up to 33.6 billion UAH.

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This on its own page in Facebook wrote the head of the Department Ksenia Krivenko.

Here figured, what generally for the year, vendors shipped their own buyers of 105.1 billion kWh of energy required the amount of more than 195 billion. UAH.

This is more than a year before, when buyers spent 104,9 billion kWh. That’s only with payment aging in Ukraine is bad.

Пенсионерку выгнали на улицу из-за долгов по коммуналке: «не заплатила 20 тысяч»

Recall, the Cabinet has tightened the rules for obtaining grants: what will change for Ukrainians.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians prepare a three stages of verification of subsidies.

Also Politeka wrote that water tariffs had risen sharply since the beginning of February.

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