The pensioner died during a massage session

 Pensioner dies during massage session

British pensioner dies while visiting massage parlor "Happy End" in Thailand.

According to the Daily Star, the 70-year-old pensioner decided to visit a massage parlor, but already in the middle of the session, the masseuse noticed that the man began to choke.

The girl immediately called the staff , who began to resuscitate the pensioner, but, unfortunately, they did not succeed.

“It was the first time a man came to us for a massage. Everything was going fine, then I noticed that he was sleeping. Suddenly he began to breathe heavily. He gasped and gasped. I called other girls to help, and we started pumping his heart,” the masseuse said.

Law enforcement officers launched an investigation.

“The cause of death is still unknown. The body must be sent for an autopsy to further summarize the true cause of death. In the meantime, we are contacting the relatives of the deceased,” the law enforcement officers said.

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