The pediatrician explained that if the child is vomiting the child should drink every 5-10 minutes

Педиатр объяснила, что при рвоте ребенка нужно поить через каждые 5-10 минут

Most parents make a common mistake when confronted with a syndrome of vomiting in child

What to do in this case was told by the pediatrician Ludmila Sulima, reports Сlutch.

The first thing to do when the child vomits — do not try to feed him urgently. This is the biggest misconception parents. They think that if the child vomits, then he loses something and you have to feed it.

Remember: a child should not be fed, it is necessary to drink

This should be done correctly. If the child is vomiting, have him drink and have fractionally very small quantities. In fact, 5-10 ml every 5-10 minutes. The more detail you do, the less the body will be forced to return back.

Педиатр объяснила, что при рвоте ребенка нужно поить через каждые 5-10 минут

In addition, the water is well absorbed and the balance will change for the better. Further, if the child wants to have, then you can feed.

Basic rules:

  • water properly;
  • diet;
  • to consult a doctor who will be able to tell what was the cause of the syndrome vomiting.

Педиатр объяснила, что при рвоте ребенка нужно поить через каждые 5-10 минут

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