The patient brutally murdered with a neighbor in the ward: “snoring and interfere with sleep”

Пациентка жестоко расправилась с соседкой по палате: «храпела и мешала спать»

The spooky incident happened in a hospital in the capital of Russia

The patient could not bear the snoring of his roommate and stabbed the woman.

The killer and the victim was placed in one chamber after the women were in long drinking bout. One of the patients regained consciousness, unable to hear the loud snoring of his neighbor on the Board. Snoring interfered with her sleep.

Пациентка жестоко расправилась с соседкой по палате: «храпела и мешала спать»

The woman then pulled out a folding knife and inflicted two stabs sleeping roommate.

The cries ran the staff of the medical facility. The murderer was immediately isolated – placed in a psychiatric clinic. According to doctors, the woman after a three day binge and the onset of withdrawal symptoms just went crazy.

The wounded could not save. She died in a few hours.

As previously reported, in neighboring Belarus was a terrible tragedy. 15-year-old was just in shock killed the child and the teacher.

Grader attacked with a knife on a teacher and three students. As a result, the woman and one of the Teens died. Two minors taken to hospital. All this happened in the city Columns.

According to eyewitnesses, the student burst into the classroom with a knife and stabbed the teacher in the neck. The woman fell.

“Teacher and one of the Teens from the received damages has died, and two juveniles were quickly taken to hospital”, — militiamen reported.

Пациентка жестоко расправилась с соседкой по палате: «храпела и мешала спать»

The assailant fled in six districts of Minsk region has introduced a special plan “Siren”. Before the attack the student has deleted his page in social networks. He was detained by employees of criminal investigation Department with support OMON in a few hours.

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Also we will add that in the United States during attempts to enter the building of the secondary school is a forward, the teenager has committed suicide after a shootout with police.

The incident occurred in a school in the town of Richmond, 110 km from the state capital of Indiana, Indianapolis.

Recall that in Kiev because of the shooting, entered the operational plan of the highest degree.

As reported Politeka, schoolgirl brutally stabbed stepfather: “the eyes of the mother.”

Also Politeka wrote that his uncle was stabbed 13-year-old niece: “from his confession freezes the blood.”

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