The passion of Prince Harry turned the life of Meghan Markle in hell: “an obsession”

Пристрастие принца Гарри превратило жизнь Меган Маркл в ад: «некая одержимость»

Prince Harry has been the bearer of strange for the Royal bar habit

Prince Harry took over from his father Charles — a rather strange habit, which can not cope because of what he has misunderstandings with his wife Meghan Markle.

Charles is a fierce defender of the environment and raising sons, and he was guided by these principles. Now, when Harry returns home, he must always turn off the lights. In the words of the Prince, for it is a kind of obsession.

“He is an ardent supporter having to constantly turn off the lighted light house. And that’s what I’m obsessed too”, – told Harry about Prince Charles in the documentary “Prince, son and heir: Charles in his 70 years”.

Пристрастие принца Гарри превратило жизнь Меган Маркл в ад: «некая одержимость»

This, at first glance, an innocent habit confuses his wife Meghan Markle. The girl used to the bright California sun, it’s hard to understand why at Kensington Palace permanent twilight.

According to Prince, Megan often scolds him for this. The Duke of Sussex understands that this is not normal, however, habit – forest captivity.

“That’s crazy, because Megan always says, “Well, why turn off the lights? It’s dark in here” and I always answer: “enough for Us, and one of the bulbs rather than six inclusive”. For me it became a habit, and so can everyone. And I think that is one of the key lessons taught to us by our William’s father,” says Prince Harry.

Пристрастие принца Гарри превратило жизнь Меган Маркл в ад: «некая одержимость»

Previously Meghan Markle went on a holiday, at the same time, Prince Harry was finally able to exhale and relax. Perhaps the Duchess just tired after the last few days have been very intense and so today, Prince Harry attended the event solo.

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The Duke of Sussex attended the conference for the study of mental health of veterans in king’s College, London. Harry was joyful, sincere smile, although many fans of the pair noticed that in the presence of his wife, he is always more restrained emotions.

Dressed the Prince was in a blue suit, white shirt and tie. Photographers took his picture during a conversation with the guests. Probably, the Prince felt more relaxed when I wasn’t near a pregnant wife.

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