The party of “servant of the people” logo appears

У партии «Слуга народа» появился логотип

The team representative Zelensky showed the party’s logo and told me what it means.

The presidential party the servant of the people appeared the logo. The picture showed during a press conference on may 27. On the green logo depicts a rider in a white shirt and tie, and with a Mace in his right hand, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

Head of digital-direction of the party Mikhail Fedorov noted that the version of the logo is not final and will be presented in the final version on the official pages of political power in social networks.

Became known, who will head the electoral headquarters of the “Servants of the people”

“Each official is a servant of the people in the first place. Still in the process of improvement and soon you will be able to see in our social networks first communications,” — said Fedorov.

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