The participants of the popular reality show told about the wedding: photo of beautiful couple

Участники популярного реалити-шоу рассказали о свадьбе: фото красивой пары

The winners of the first season of the show on the New channel “X” Rustem and Katya Sidorenko told, will they continue the relationship after the show

“I can’t say that we’re not fighting, and that there is no conflict. But that’s okay, it’s a relationship. The man who says we’re not fighting, everything is perfect, is nonsense. But we have quarrels became much less. They do not lead every day to the breakup, reports Clutch.

Can’t say I’m not jealous and it’s great. Jealousy for what? Because of mistrust. And it where? Because of the lies. If a person is lying, and you catch him in little lies, don’t you think that he just lied. Start to wind itself. Because of this, and there is broken trust and jealousy.

Участники популярного реалити-шоу рассказали о свадьбе: фото красивой пары

There’s still some mistrust and jealousy, but I think when time passes, I will not lie, they go,” said the girl.

According to her, the couple had no idea that will really be able to win the project, until recently, relied on rivals. In addition, as told to Catherine, on the show they guy didn’t come for money but to shed light on their true relationship to each other.

Участники популярного реалити-шоу рассказали о свадьбе: фото красивой пары

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“Until recently, we thought that you would win Jack with Sasha. I like a strong man, but actually, the child easy to hurt. And when the moral fatigue accumulates, that’s all. We thought we wouldn’t win. Didn’t even know how to pass the vote, and how will choose the winner. Of course, little hope was but the hope is a bitch, so did not expect much”

She also noted that the wedding couple has no plans. Moreover, the relationship with her lover is still not stable, so they are still young, besides, the prize for winning the show is not so great. The girl added that 100 thousand it will be enough just for wedding dress, instead of the whole ceremony.

“We are still children. Just started to live together. I think first you need to live with. We Rustem don’t want a wedding by the parents. Of course, he can make the offer, and the next day ask for help with the wedding, but the meaning? I don’t think the stamp in the passport somehow change our relationship. We will know that we do not come to this, saved up, ready, and stupidly came back and asked for money. Yes, and it’s still early”

Участники популярного реалити-шоу рассказали о свадьбе: фото красивой пары

“Many people write, they say you won a hundred thousand! Honestly, the dress I want is so worth it. It’s not as exorbitant money as it seems. They fly easy. Half of the money went to the rent, the rest on incidentals”

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