The parents of the deceased Nastya told about the tragedy in the apartment in Lviv: “the body was hanging from the bathroom”

Родители погибшей Насти рассказали о трагедии в квартире Львова: "тело свисало с ванной"

Young tourists who died in Lviv from carbon monoxide rented an apartment through the popular international website: gas discharge was improvised

Four young tourists came to Lviv to spend the weekend, but returned home only two. It is known that young people rented an apartment in an old house in Lviv, which is located at the address Doroshenko, 65.

Родители погибшей Насти рассказали о трагедии в квартире Львова: "тело свисало с ванной"

It is almost the center of the city, which is famous for its old buildings with unique architecture. It is not surprising that there wanted to stay guys.

As it turned out the gas burner in the ill-fated apartment was installed in the old non-working fireplace. The apartment was rented for the first time.

“She loved this city. It happened in Lviv, in the school, and three years ago begged my mom to let her go there for three days, just wander around its streets. On this New year to go to the city they failed, and then there was the opportunity. Rented two-room apartment on Doroshenko, 65. Paid money for all the days. Like paid for their own death,” tearfully tells the father of Nastia, the girl who was one of the dead tourists.

Родители погибшей Насти рассказали о трагедии в квартире Львова: "тело свисало с ванной"

Her parents were able to get into the apartment the next day, January 12, after the death of their daughter.

“I was sick to listen on one channel told me that they came back and drank alcohol. It’s not true! Nastya I don’t could she even me a few years ago was persuaded to quit Smoking. And the day before her death, she called her mother, told me that they were in a cafe. Sent photos of great dishes. And when we came in the apartment, everything was neat, clean, no bottles or cigarette butts. No there is not removed, and her things were neatly folded in the bathroom is cream. Is a drunk person would do?” — worried the girl’s father.

Родители погибшей Насти рассказали о трагедии в квартире Львова: "тело свисало с ванной"

It is known that in the evening of 10 January, the tourists settled them in a rented apartment, and in less than a day, about 11.30 am , Nastia’s friend Maria already called the ambulance.

During the examination the parents of Nastia’s apartment, it turned out that the fire they stoked, as it was quite cold

“In the wall of the room, which settled Nastya and Andrew, held a gas pipe, it is connected to a gas burner. It’s all homemade, burner stood on the bricks in the fireplace. If they have something and included it in the column for heating water. But the fireplace does not have doors, there was not even a valve that stops the flow of carbon monoxide. And the fan in the bathroom is inserted directly into the chimney. Probably the weather was such that this whole Chad went the other way,” said Alexander, the father of Nasty.

The events in the flat unfolded like this.

In the evening in the bathroom first and went to wash Egor who managed to survive. However, he, too, became ill, he was placed in a hyperbaric chamber, but his life is not in danger.

Masha did not have time to go to the bathroom, because she probably suffered least, and is already at home.

After Egor washed Andrew. Coming out of the bathroom, he immediately lay down on the bed, his body there in the morning and found. And then in a room already filled with carbon monoxide, went to Nastya. Her body was hanging over the bathtub, hands she grabbed the edge — apparently trying to get out. In the morning Egor found her. Pulled from a bathtub and tried to help, but it was too late.

After the funeral, Anastasia Badger in his native deaf her parents were hospitalized with eroded from the tragedy health.

It is known that in Kiev, the family moved when she was in 6th grade. The girl was a medal She received on the budget in the KPI, but a year later was replaced by the faculty in publishing, Hey it was closer.

Родители погибшей Насти рассказали о трагедии в квартире Львова: "тело свисало с ванной"

Nastia’s father mentioned the odd actions of the police. According to him the police have advised not to hurry with the statement, they say, then I’ll mail you.

Tenants in an apartment-the killer gained old grandfather, who himself moved to live with children. With the relatives of the deceased owners of the apartment to contact refuse.

“Although friends of Andrew already checked where they rented this house and who paid for it. And found out that the apartment constantly. Now all traces of the Internet is blurring,” says the father of the deceased.

We will remind, in lvovshchina mass poisoning of people what happened.

As reported Politeka, became known for the reason that claimed the lives of girls in quest room: “halfway”.

Also Politeka wrote about the mysterious deaths of five people in one house: the reason for the tragedy.

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