The paparazzi photographed plump Lana Del Rey

Папарацци засняли располневшую Лану Дель Рей

The singer has gained some weight.

Style icon and one of the most beautiful singers of our time, Lana Del Rey recently upset fans of its appearance. Paparazzi met his star, dressed in short shorts and a ridiculous white cardigan, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

33-year-old Lana Del Rey is rightly called one of the most beautiful Actresses of our time. The sweet singer and the author of the dramatic hits repeatedly appeared on the covers of fashion magazines. World glory Lana gained thanks to the talent and recognizable retro style. Long false eyelashes volume from the roots a La the 1960s and tweed suits in the spirit of Jacqueline Kennedy organically complement the image of the slender actress.

Fans used to seeing Lana in immaculate scenic images, but in everyday life she dresses differently. The singer prefers the simple and easy things that often disappoints fans.

The other day 33-year-old Del Rey appeared in public in white mini-shorts, exposing her voluminous thigh, and oversized cardigan, stressing broad shoulders.

In this form, Lana went to one of the churches in Beverly hills. Agree, rather strange outfit for the Christian Church.

Nastya Kamensky noticeable weight gain

The readers of the publication Mail Online, which published the photos, has criticized the image of the singer, noting that she was heavier and “changed beyond recognition”.

Папарацци засняли располневшую Лану Дель Рей

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