The order of Queen Anne awarded Ekaterina Buzhinskaya

Орденом королевы Анны наградили Екатерину Бужинскую

The order of Queen Anne awarded Ekaterina Buzhinskaya
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So appreciated her treasure in the culture and art of Ukraine.

19 Dec Ukrainian singer Ekaterina Buzhinskaya received the Order of Queen Anne “the honor of the Motherland” for his significant contribution to culture and art. The ceremony was held at the Mariinsky Palace. It was also attended by Pavlo Zibrov.

– Had the great honor to be awarded the Ukrainian-French order of Queen Anne “the Honor of the Fatherland” on the silver star for outstanding achievements in the field of culture, art and as the representative of public diplomacy of Ukraine in Europe, as a singing Ambassador in the world. Sincerely grateful, elated and I promise to work for the glory of his native state, – wrote the singer in his


By the way, December 18 Buzhinsky addressed to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with a request to monitor the repair of roads in his native Krivoy Rog. The singer complained of continuous holes.

The order of Queen Anne “the Honor of the Fatherland” refers to a category of the highest social awards of Ukraine. It was founded in honor of Princess Anna Yaroslavna, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, Queen of France. The Foundation of the order approved by the resolution of the X Congress of business, scientific and creative unions of Ukraine of March 25, 2008.

In August 2019, the same award was given to singer Tonya Matvienko.

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Zelenski awarded the order of Sergey Pritula and Taras Poplar

In honor of volunteer Day they are awarded the order “For merits” III degree.

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