The only survivor of the Dyatlov’s group revealed the secret: “I had to be with you”

Единственный выживший из группы Дятлова раскрыл тайну: "Я должен был быть с вами"

Yuri Yudin was the only survivor of a group of Dyatlov mysteriously died on Kholat syakhl mountain in Russia

Only unpleasant item was saved geologist from the tragic fate of the comrades in the party. The Russian media publish new details of the scandal in the Sverdlovsk region.

To March with the band Dyatlova Yuri Yudin participated in six campaigns. Some of them have appropriated the third category of complexity. From the disaster of a geologist saved the disease. Before the fatal day he inflamed the sciatic nerve. In his field diary written Yuri Doroshenko, another member of the group, Yudin fell ill and refused to continue the campaign. Instead, the geologist “has decided to Institute to collect stones” and collected rocks.

Единственный выживший из группы Дятлова раскрыл тайну: "Я должен был быть с вами"

“After Breakfast, the boys headed Yuri Yudin, our famous geologist, went to the Kern reservoir, hoping to collect some materials for the collection. Nothing but Yes of pyrite of the veins of quartz in the rock was not there. Going long: Mazal ski, customized mounting. Yuri Yudin now goes back home. Sorry, of course, to break up with him, especially to us with Zina, but nothing can be done,” wrote nick Thibault-Brignoles.

1 Feb geologist returned to Sverdlovsk, where he reported to the leadership Institute club, on the extension of the campaign group at the request of Igor Dyatlov. He explained the decision of weather conditions. Immediately after the report Yudin went to be treated in the village of Tabory. And already 2 Feb tragic events happened at the Dyatlov pass.

February 19, Yudin returned to the Institute and learned the shocking news. A group of Dyatlov has not returned from a hike. Yuri had planned to join the search operation together with the relatives of the nine missing. But soon the police found several dead bodies and asked the geologist to identify them.

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Единственный выживший из группы Дятлова раскрыл тайну: "Я должен был быть с вами"

It should be noted that goodbye friend Yudina, Lyudmila Dubinina gave him a Teddy bear. After that, the scientist kept the toy as a mascot for the rest of your life. Friends of mine suggested that this is why Yudin never married, his heart remained there, at the Dyatlov pass, where he died Dubinin. But the jury denied your feelings for the friend.

Later, Yuri Yudin was actively investigating the events on the Dyatlov pass. He refused to believe the official version of the Soviet authorities and offered his explanation.

“My opinion is that they were victims of a sweep, happened to be witnesses to the trial and, as a result of poisoning, were doomed to death” — as the sole survivor told reporters in 2012.

“Then all his life he toiled, came each year on February 2 in Yekaterinburg in the cemetery to the boys and with tears said, “I had to be with you,” said one of the organizers of work on search of group of Dyatlov, Sergey Sorin.

Recall that the Swedes called the cause of death group djatlova: “ominous silence.”

As reported Politeka, in the case of the tragedy of the Dyatlov group finally put an end: “Their fate was determined.”

Also Politeka wrote that published horrible pictures of the victims of the Dyatlov pass: no eyes, skin and clothing.

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