The omicron wave. Fewer people on ventilators, fewer deaths

Omicron wave. Fewer people on ventilators, fewer deaths

Many Israeli doctors talk about their first impressions of patients “fifth wave” coronavirus – omicron waves.

Dr. Ariel Abukasis, an Israeli doctor in France, says: “ Those who come to us with the omicron show less severe symptoms. Sometimes it is even impossible to tell whether it is omicron or flu. This option also hits young people – the throat and head are very sore, the throat hurts to such an extent that it becomes difficult to eat. ''

Dr. Ami Neuberger, head of the coronavirus department at Rambam Hospital, says: “ This strain is completely different. There are many more infections inside hospitals, and therefore, severe patients who have already been in the hospital anyway, pick up omicron. But we already notice that there are much fewer severe cases. ''

Neuberger points out: β€œIn general, over the past year and a half, people have died of suffocation. What we see now is that with the omicron, far fewer people reach this stage. Most people just feel bad, cold and hot. For many, the condition gets worse simply because they have something else besides it. For example, we have a woman with a broken ankle. She contracted the omicron in the hospital – but it does not threaten her life, it just worsened her condition due to the virus. ''

Neuberger, however, warns: “ Everything I am saying is correct at the moment. … We are at the very beginning of the wave, in a week everything can change. The ward is filling up and this could soon affect other patients in Rambam. ” than in past waves. Significantly fewer of them need the help of ventilators, they recover faster and fewer people die. ”

It is also reported that people recover from omicrons much faster than from other strains. The Ministry of Health is currently investigating this issue. If a positive response is confirmed, the quarantine time will be halved – and this will have a significant impact on the economy.

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