The Olympics are losing popularity: why the sports festival is criticized

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The Olympics are losing popularity: why the sports festival is criticized

The Tokyo Olympics have already been called & # 171; damned & # 187 ;.

Protested against it, it was accompanied by problems, stars are often eliminated in the first rounds. Most of the Japanese did not want the Games to be held in their country for fear of coronavirus infection, reports with reference to Channel 24.

Japan has been keeping its borders closed for quite some time. While athletes compete in empty arenas, hospitals around are filled with patients.

But the most important thing is that & nbsp; humanity is actively losing interest & nbsp; to the Olympics. & Nbsp; Rating of the revision of the ceremony openings have dropped 30% since 2016. & nbsp; Many believe that the process of the Games itself is not functioning properly. Others are wondering: is it really possible to fix a difficult situation at all?

Athletes are not a priority

Olympics is a commercial offer. So, at least, says US athletics star Allison Felix, who spoke to the NYT. & # 171; Athletes don't see the money that goes into this big scheme & # 187; she says. The main profit of the IOC (International Olympic Committee – 24) – & nbsp; 73% – gets from international broadcasting.

Athletes are not a priority. Television is a priority,
– David Wallechinsky, historian Igor, told NYT.

In 1964 – the last when Tokyo was host – they were held in October to avoid typhoon season. The current rally is one of the hottest in history and this seriously affects the results. Broadcasters get more funds, athletes get more injuries and problems.

Especially during the athletics and triathlon competitions, & nbsp; people & nbsp; fell & nbsp; from exhaustion and fatigue right on the track, they needed the help of doctors. Television demands drama, struggle to the last second, high stakes. Social media around the clock adds stress.

We expect not only athletic performance, but exemplary self-discipline, work ethic and excellence. Women, especially women of color, have even higher expectations,
– writes the journalist & nbsp; NYT & nbsp; Lindsay Kraus.

She notes that this & # 171; has nothing to do with their real work & # 187 ;.

The Tragedy of Simone Bales

An example is the mental tragedy of the legendary gymnast from the United States Simona Bales. which was forced to film right before the start of the competition, citing & # 171; mental health problems & # 187 ;. She has long been considered & # 171; the best gymnast in history & # 187 ;. But she is & # 171; the personification of the billions of dollars in investment in these Games & # 187; writes Ann Killion for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bales devoted her entire life to gymnastics. & Nbsp; She won the national championship with broken toes and the world championship with kidney stones. & nbsp; But the sport did not reciprocate. Like many other star gymnasts, she studied at a famous center in Texas from childhood, where emotional and verbal images were applied to her and others.

The Olympics are losing popularity: why the sports festival is criticized

However, it was even worse: Bela and Martha Karoli, who ran the center and the US Gymnastics Association, looked the other way when physician Larry Nassar corrupted hundreds of young athletes (including Bales). Analysts & nbsp; write that she & # 171; lived during the total collapse of gymnastics in the United States. The ex-head of this sport is awaiting trial. The coach killed himself in 2012 in order not to answer the accusations & # 187 ;.

The bullying drove the star athlete to depression and despair. & nbsp; She continues to perform, in fact, just to & # 171; make gymnastics respond & # 187 ;. Without her complaints, the Karoli Center would still be open. The main reason for the tragedy of Simone Bales is & nbsp; a terrible situation, which in professional jargon is called & nbsp; & # 171; twists & # 187 ;.


A mental block that leads to loss of muscle memory and spatial orientation in the air. The brain feels disconnected from the body, which may be upside down. The limbs lose control, and landing can be traumatic.

Bales was forced to stop in the middle of the performance without twisting one turn. & Nbsp; The situation is very difficult to forget, the gymnasts say, and this causes uncertainty and fear. & nbsp; At this time, athletes often do not even know what will happen. Bales understands that it can be difficult to regain emotional stability at 24 & # 171 ;.

It's like jumping into a pool without water. When in our sport you lose the ability to find land, the consequences can be disastrous,
– commented on Twitter Dominique Moseanu, the first gold medalist in gymnastics in the USA

 The Olympics are losing popularity: why the sports festival is criticized

Elite gymnasts are sure: if someone of a lower level than Simone Bales made this mistake, he would definitely break something for himself. Her tricks are deliberately shown to discourage others from repetition – too dangerous. & # 171; The fact that she landed on her feet and remained unharmed is a miracle. The jump was very scary, '' one former athlete told producer Deanna Hong, as more and more top athletes refuse to go beyond their mental and physical abilities. Michael Phelps, an Olympic swimmer and perhaps the most famous of all athletes, spoke openly about suicidal depression. Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka left the French Open after skipping a press conference, citing mental issues. For this she was also fined 15 thousand US dollars.

Gold medals are more important than people's lives

The Olympics are bad for the host cities , you just have to admit it. Since 1960, each of them has gone & nbsp; over budget by 172% … If corruption were an Olympic discipline, & # 171; only FIFA could compete with the IOC for the gold medal & # 187 ;. As a result, the consequences are borne by ordinary people. & # 171; Simultaneously with the arrival of the city's best athletes, showing their worst qualities & # 187 ;, – Jules Boykoff told Teen Vogue.

Forced evictions, suppression of free speech, mistreatment of workers, arbitrary arrests – this is what happens there before the Games. & nbsp; In Rio de Janeiro, 75 thousand people were evicted from their homes. & nbsp; The IOC has recently come under criticism for assigning games to authoritarian states – Russia and China. Beijing will host the Olympics for the second time in 14 years!

This is despite the crimes in Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang and the genocide against the Uighurs and other Turkic peoples. “The IOC is not in solidarity with those who are denied basic human rights,” said Raikhan Asat, whose brother is just imprisoned in Xinjiang. The Japanese anti-Olympics movement stated that & # 171; gold medals are more important than people's lives & # 187; referring to the rise in coronavirus cases.

One of the leading local newspapers is & # 171; Asahi Shimbun & # 187 ;, stated: & # 171; solidarity, one of the Olympic ideals, has become an empty slogan & # 187 ;.

Conduct the Olympics: how Japan plunged into chaos

Preparation began in 2018, but already then the conditions were difficult, writes the edition & nbsp; NYT. & nbsp; 1000 Japanese have died from the heat in two years, and the Olympic qualifying rounds have led to illness and transfer. & nbsp; Some large sports facilities were planned, including a marathon track with a shiny, reflective surface. Climate change is reducing the geography of cities where competitions can be held, especially in winter.

It was supposed to reflect heat, but officials were concentrating on more serious things. However, the runway was nevertheless erected over several hot nights in August. & Nbsp; Then to move 804 km north to Sapporo, where the weather is cooler. & nbsp; An unnecessary track was left behind in Tokyo. And after another half a year, the coronavirus pandemic generally postponed the 2020 Olympics to the next year. & Nbsp; 22% of the Japanese population believed that it should not be carried out at all.

The Japanese began to doubt whether whether this is a big holiday of risking the health and lives of citizens and spending funds that could go to fight the pandemic.

The Olympics are losing popularity: why the sports festival is criticized

Bach has fantasies in which Olympiad is not political, he sees no evil. In 2013, the President of China received a whole order from IOC Chairman Bach!
– said Jules Boykoff.

Nationalism plays an essential role: hymns, parades, flag-raising, other obligatory ceremonies. This is all conveyed through nostalgia and shared memory. & Nbsp; But most people don't care how it goes, & nbsp; said Edwin Moses, twice gold medalist of the Games.

History of Decline

Historians of this sporting event write that the games are stuck in a 19th century construction that floats around the world of the 21st century. “They have developed a system that is completely separated from society,” admitted Han Xiao, a former member of the US table tennis team. This is how problems grow: imbalances in power, abuses and violations of human rights.

The Olympics are now entangled in geopolitical networks, so each cycle raises new questions. & nbsp; Games are presented as non-political, but this is impossible a priori. & nbsp; The International Olympic Committee consists of 102 members , 11 of them are from royal families, most of them got positions through business or business connections.

Besides FIFA, the IOC is the least accountable sports organization in the world, how can it be reformed?- told NYT Jules Boykoff, professor at the University of the Pacific and author of books about the Olympics.

They independently elect their members, excluding active critics, the experience of corruption is terrible, independent voices are not allowed, no one even talks to them. p>

Also, the Games are seriously behind & nbsp; from the development of modern youth, diversity of opinions and cultures. & nbsp; The context of the modern world is almost excluded. In order to somehow fix this, for the first time, skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing competitions have been added to Tokyo.

At the same time, few people advocate a complete cancellation of the Olympics, even if it thrives only for short periods of time. When, in fact, it is held.

Globally, the Games are also not developing: in the Southern Hemisphere only three draws were held – two in Australia and once in Brazil. Until now, Africa has not accepted them. & Nbsp; Democratic forces are increasingly skeptical of the Games, & nbsp; despite a number of risks and other factors. Bullying against athletes, including sexual and mental, is becoming more and more famous.

The main dissidents are the athletes themselves, & nbsp; who increasingly oppose objectification, violation of their rights and global challenges. The United States will no longer punish them for violating IOC Rule 50. This will become especially relevant during the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing.

Rule 50

It is forbidden for athletes to demonstrate political, religious or racial propaganda at the Games or at peaceful protests.

& # 171; If someone protests against human rights violations in the PRC, the IOC will be part of the punishment system & # 187; – acknowledged two-time Olympic medalist in cross-country skiing Noah Hoffmann.

Athletes have no seat at the table when they make the most important decisions. & nbsp; The future of the Olympics remains uncertain in a world facing major challenges – from a pandemic to deadly wildfires.

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