The oldest woman in the world turns 119

The oldest woman in the world turns 119

Japanese woman Kane Tanaka is considered the oldest person in the world. The day before, on January 2, she celebrated her 119th birthday, Kyodo News reports.

She lives in a nursing home in Fukuoka Prefecture and communicates with staff using gestures. The woman does not deny herself sweets and solves mathematical puzzles.

In March 2019, the Japanese woman was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest person on Earth – at that time Tanaka was 116 years old.

Tanaka was born on January 2, 1903. It is known that her husband and eldest son died during the Second World War. She worked all her life in a shop selling rice cakes, which opened before the war.

At 103, the Japanese woman had a cancerous tumor removed, and since then she has not been bothered by serious illnesses.

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