The OECD complained about the amount of recycled plastic

 OECD complains about the amount of plastic being recycled

Today, less than 10% of the plastic used worldwide is recycled.

This opinion was expressed by experts from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on the eve of the expected negotiations on an international plastics agreement.

This issue needs to be addressed globally and in a coordinated manner. In particular, the latest OECD report showed that 460 million tons of plastic were used in 2019, which is almost twice as much as the same figure in 2000.

In addition, the amount of plastic waste has increased by more than 20 years.

“Including recycling losses, only nine percent of plastic waste was ultimately recycled, 19 percent was incinerated, and almost 50 percent was sent to sanitary landfills. The remaining 22 percent was disposed of in uncontrolled landfills, burned in quarries, or leaked into the environment, "— said in the report of the NGO Global Plastics Outlook.

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