The number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey exceeded 46 thousand people

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 Turkey earthquake death toll exceeds 46,000

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers announced that 46,104 people died as a result of a natural disaster that hit the country in February, Gazeteduvar reports.

Erdogan said that in 11 provinces affected by the earthquake, the number of buildings destroyed or badly damaged is 230,000. He added that many residents whose houses survived cannot return due to the ongoing tremors.

“We have begun to create container cities. If necessary, we will additionally increase their number to 100,000 within 2 months. Our goal is to move half a million people who survived the earthquake to areas where they can live in a safe environment,” the president said.

He added that the destruction was so massive, the area was huge, and the climate and conditions – harsh that the authorities failed to achieve the desired speed and efficiency immediately after the earthquake. However, in the shortest possible time, roads were opened and infrastructure was put into operation.

Erdogan also announced the support that the state will provide to businesses destroyed by the natural disaster.

“We will cancel the debts of enterprises in the earthquake area for 2023 to the state and all the debts of our entrepreneurs who died as a result of a natural disaster. We provide a loan of up to 250 thousand liras to shopkeepers in areas heavily affected by the earthquake, with a repayment period of 60 months, with a grace period of 12 months, with an interest rate of 7.5 percent, half of which will be paid by the treasury.

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