The number of victims as a result of the protest in the Sudanese capital has grown to nine people

Число жертв в результате протеста в столице Судана выросло до девяти человек

During the riots between demonstrators and security forces in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the death toll has risen to nine.

“The number of dead people from the raids of the security forces in Khartoum had increased to nine people”, — stated in the message, reports the with reference to

The Committee added that the number of deaths increases dramatically, and therefore very difficult to count and identify.

Previously reported two dead.

As reported, on 1 June, following recent clashes that led to the deaths of civilians, the security authorities of the Sudan promised to end the violence in the African country.

Last week the ruling military Council of Sudan and the Alliance of protest and opposition groups failed to agree on the composition of the new governing body in the country.

In the Himalayas lost eight climbers found the body of five

The parties negotiated on the issue of the sovereign Council, which will rule Sudan for a transitional period of three years after the last month was ousted by President Omar al-Bashir. The ex-President of the Sudan was put forward formally charged in the murder of protesters.

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