“The number of cases is growing in an alarming way”

Professor Galia Rahav, head of the infectious diseases department at Sheba Hospital, said she did not think the hysteria surrounding the new Omicron coronavirus strain was exaggerated. The professor made such a statement in an interview with radio 103 FM.

“I don’t think we were exaggerating, because this option is spreading truly exponentially – we have not seen such a level of infection before. The number of cases is growing and growing in an alarming way. The Omicron variant has replaced Delta in many places, ”Galia Rahav emphasized.

The professor noted that it is not yet safe to say that the Omicron strain does not really cause a serious course of the disease.

“We don’t know when a booster is no longer effective – we just don’t know enough yet. During a pandemic, we do not want to create hysteria, but we must be as prepared as possible, “Rahav emphasized.

The doctor also stated that she advocates restrictions, including closing borders:

“During the first wave, we closed all borders because we saw what happened in Italy when the hospital system reached its limits. I stand for border closings, for the green standard and for the vaccination of the population. ''

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