The night of the chimeras from the program Sravi way : the rubric in the image of the Snow Queen, and Polyakova – the kept woman of a billionaire

 Ніч химер  от программы  Зірковий шлях : Ребрик в образе Снежной королевы, а Полякова -  содержанки миллиардера

“The night of chimeras” by the program “Sravi way”: the rubric in the image of the Snow Queen, and Polyakova – “kept woman of a billionaire” [photos]
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Photo: press service of the TV channel “Ukraine”

At the ceremony awarded to the brightest and successful representatives of Ukrainian show business.

In honor of its fifth anniversary, the program “Sravi way” from channel “Ukraine” staged a party called “Night of the chimeras”. In this year came the 10th season of the project, and in the past five years, the audience saw almost 5,000 stories from the life of celebrities.

The stars gathered in the capital restaurant Alaska, where they waited for the participants of “Battle of psychics”, refreshments and awards ceremony. On the second and third floor the guests can learn the answers to the questions of the Magi Sergey Kobzar Viktor Lithuanian with coffee grounds and Tarot cards.

Some celebrities are struck by its spectacular images. TV presenter Liliya rebryk for the event turned into a Snow Queen or a fearless Princess Elsa from the cartoon “the Cold heart”. Bodycon dress Tulip with a massive peplum perfectly emphasized her figure, and the waist outlined a lustrous belt. The outfit was completed by blue gown, additionally decorated with diodes, whereby the image Rebrik mystically glowed in the dark.

 Ніч химер  от программы  Зірковий шлях : Ребрик в образе Снежной королевы, а Полякова -  содержанки миллиардера

Liliya Rebrik. Photo: press service of the TV channel “Ukraine”

Singer Alina Grosu chose for the party image, which had appeared in the music video for the song “wild”. The costume of a nun was to face the young singer, and to support her husband came Alexander.

Leading Anatoliy Anatolich was like count Dracula, but without all the familiar, black robes. Of creepiness to the image gave a red like “bloodshot”, the lenses in his eyes. Costume celebrity was black, adorned with embroidery of red flowers and a massive eyebrow in the middle of the butterfly. His colleague Alexey Sukhanov were no less extravagant, wearing a skirt, gloves and a huge hat with tulle on the sides, which covered his face like a veil from the bride. The rings on the announcer gave mogucnosti image.

 Ніч химер  от программы  Зірковий шлях : Ребрик в образе Снежной королевы, а Полякова -  содержанки миллиардера

Alexey Sukhanov. Photo: press service of the TV channel “Ukraine”

Olya Polyakova came to the party in a slinky dress metallic color below the knee. The top of the outfit was translucent, so opened the neckline of the singer. Such a sexy dress singer picked up the bright shoes – shoes with shimmering elements. In conversation with journalists of the TV channel “Ukraine” commented on your bow very ambiguous: “I am the way, the kept woman of a billionaire.” It was accompanied by the General producer of Ukrainian company Secret Service Entertainment Agency Michael Jasinski, with whom she collaborates.

 Ніч химер  от программы  Зірковий шлях : Ребрик в образе Снежной королевы, а Полякова -  содержанки миллиардера

Olya Polyakova and Michael Jasinski. Photo: press service of the TV channel “Ukraine”

The highlight of the evening was a couple Nastya Kamensky and Potap and their passionate kiss in front of the guests of the evening. The party “Night of the chimeras,” the singer came in a black dress from the brand ANNCHOO, which is owned by her friend, designer Anna Zavgorodnyaya-Andreychuk. Your image, the star added an unusual accessory – a black semi-transparent mask. Her husband wore a classic black suit.

 Ніч химер  от программы  Зірковий шлях : Ребрик в образе Снежной королевы, а Полякова -  содержанки миллиардера

Potap and Nastya Kamensky. Photo: press service of the TV channel “Ukraine”

The main awards were given to celebrities who often delighted the audience with interesting information occasions, successes, did not hesitate to talk about their fears, worries, trials, and difficult life choices. Leading the event were Alain Vinnytsia, Timur Miroshnichenko and transvestite diva Monroe.

In the category “Favorite ex” won the former host of “Sarcofago the way”, and nowadays the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr skichko.

In the category “Lightning success of the year” won the singer NK | Nastya Kamenskih, which won this year not only Ukrainian, but Latin American charts.

– Thank you for the award, I am very pleased to represent our country in the international arena, to be a pioneer. I am proud of my country and want the whole world to know that Ukrainians are talented, – said from the scene Kamensky.

The title “Mother of the year” – got the singer Kamaliya, who has two daughters, Arabella and Mirabella.

In the nomination “the Stadium as the stadium” Victor was MONATIK, who was unable to personally come for a reward, as is now in tour across America. The singer has recorded for the ceremony videoprojective.

The victory in the nomination “the Call of the year” went to Natalia Mogilev.

“Lyricist of the year” – in that category won the rapper Potap. In 2019 the star rapper has released a new album from which it became clear that it can be not only outrageous, sharp-tongued, but also tender, touching romantic. From the stage Potap thanked his wife Nastya Kamenskih without which, according to him, there would be no album.

– This award Nastya Kamenskih, because without it, some of my lyric just pantomime, – commented on his award Potap.

“Debut of the year” was JERRY HEIL, which has undermined the media with his hit “Kranen”.

– I often hear people call me a new artist who has quickly become successful, but it is not. I have vast experience from the music school to the attempts a few years ago with my indie-pop album. But just six months ago, I realized that it is necessary to show yourself, allow yourself to be yourself only when everything turns out – said from the stage the singer.

“Again Queen of the year”, first place in this category won Olya Polyakova, who collects the sold out stadiums across Ukraine.

I want to thank the channel “Ukraine”, because you are the only one in Ukraine, who correctly notes our show-business. Because we are in it for a little adolescencia and under-loved. I want to thank you properly know how to distribute the nominations and know in what places to kiss artists, – said Polyakov.

Triumphant nomination “Five dresses and one wedding” was for the singer and actress Alina Grosu. Star this year has played a magnificent wedding, which changed not one fabulous dress.

The victory in the nomination “in love love of the year” went to singer Pavlo Zibrov. This year he, along with his wife Marina, repeated their marriage vows after 25 years of married life.

“Idols of the year” – the so-called nomination, which won group of the ANTIBODY. The musicians this year have collected 2 full house in Kyiv sports Palace and rode the tour of Ukraine.

Nomination “21.6 years” pleased travesty diva Monroe. In the new season of “Sarcofago high road” a new, vivid and provocative rubric “In defiance of Monroe,” which hits record hits after each premiere.

Winners in the nomination “the party of the year” became the group “Time and glass”, and “Revelation of the year” is awarded to Olga Sumy.

In the nomination “Power of two” won the couple Yuri Nikitin and Olga Gorbachev. And Oleg Vinnik “Sravi way” noted in the nomination the title “How to live without you”.

The victory in the nomination “Motivator of the year” went to the psychologist Natalia Kholodenko, and the winner in the nomination “Star pepper” Fame called Kaminskaya from the group “Neangely”, for its openness and self-irony.

“Our star”– in this category won music producer of the channel “Ukraine”, which is personally acquainted with all the stars of show business, author and performer of songs Gennady Viter.

The guests were entertained in “the Night of the chimeras” with their performances Artem Brewer, JERRY HEIL, Paul Zibrov and DJ. Nana.


At the concert in Kiev Oleg Vinnik risked his life and dreamed of fried potatoes.

The artist in the third time brought together the capital’s Palace of sports.

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