The new Omicron strain has already been discovered in 57 countries

The new strain

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Omicron coronavirus strain identified already in 57 countries. The World Health Organization expects this number to only grow.

“The Omicron variant” already registered in 57 countries and we expect this number to continue to grow. Several features of Omicron, including its global distribution and large number of mutations, suggest that it could have a serious impact on the COVID-19 pandemic, '' said WHO CEO Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus.

According to him it is difficult to predict what the impact will be.

“We are now beginning to see a consistent pattern of rapid increase in transmission, although the exact rate of increase over other options is still difficult to quantify at this point.” – he added.

Let us remind you that earlier the Pfizer company stated that the Omicron strain can neutralize three doses of the vaccine, presumably two are not enough.

The Omicron strain is expected to be may become dominant in Europe as early as January.

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