The new Kiev tow trucks taking cars for a record 2 minutes: videofact

Нові київські евакуатори забирають авто за рекордні 2 хвилини: відеофакт

Tow new type
/ On Parking

In Kiev, there were tow trucks with side loading, which affects its speed. Watch the video!

On the community page “Kiev Automotive” in Facebook has a video lasting less than 3 minutes. And this time is enough for the tow truck managed to pick up incorrectly parked car off the road and go with him.

The fact that a new technique for rapid evacuation of the cars don’t have to fix each wheel machines, which greatly accelerates the process. For comparison: the old tow truck load the car for 10-15 minutes. Here’s how work new:

In the Kiev of the Inspection from the Parking lot said that the city has not spent funds for the purchase of tow trucks: “We found a way, when interested companies have the opportunity to participate in the provision of services of evacuation”.

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