The new Jack Kuba collection – the little secrets of women in Paris

 Jack Kuba New Collection – Paris's Little Women's Secrets

Jack Kuba presents the new Spring-Summer 2022 collection, a sensual and romantic collection as diverse as Paris is multifaceted, it has an elusive chic, like a unique French perfume.

Thin translucent lace, chiseled lines of silhouettes, soft fabrics gently enveloping the body, unsurpassed quality combined with delicate romance framed by lace. The collection invites you to stroll through the streets of Paris, surrendering to dreams and feelings.

 New Jack Kuba collection – little women's secrets of Paris

As French artists sang the grace of the female body, so each model emphasizes all the advantages of your figure, regardless of volume and size, puts accents where necessary and knows how to keep your little female secrets. The new Jack Kuba collection contains styles and models that will emphasize the beauty of any figure.

As French fashion designers become trendsetters, the new collection features all the leading trends of the current season: timeless erotic lace and discreet, but incredibly alluring, retro, feminine pastel shades and bold animal prints, universal nude, which more and more confidently takes the lead with each season. positions and classic black, which never loses its positions.

 New collection Jack Kuba – little women's secrets of Paris

Just as French culinary specialists amaze us with unexpected combinations of products that together create an exquisite and unique taste, so in the new collection the piquancy lies in the details – for example, in exquisite lace, which further emphasizes nudity, in thin straps that inadvertently peek out from under the dress, and openwork embroidery that causes an increased heartbeat.

 Jack Kuba New Collection – Little Women's Secrets of Paris

< br /> New Spring-Summer 2022 collection from Jack Kuba – this is truly French admiration for a woman and the celebration of her beauty. This is the ultimate sensuality, lyricism and gentle care in the line of beautiful lingerie for large breasts.

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