The new guy’s an ex-bride Klitschko surprised by the unexpected statement: “She’s with him now”

Новый парень экс-невесты Кличко удивил неожиданным заявлением: «Она сейчас с ним»

The legendary Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko and his ex-fiancee Hayden panettiere reunited to spend a family vacation

This was told by the new guy American actress Brian Hickerson.

Hickerson decided to dispel the rumors that Hayden is almost not paying attention to his daughter.

Новый парень экс-невесты Кличко удивил неожиданным заявлением: «Она сейчас с ним»

Hickerson calls ex-fiancee Klitschko is a great mother, despite the fact that their joint daughter, Kaya Evdokia, has long lived with his father in Kiev.

“In fact, Hayden is now on a family vacation with his daughter and the champion, so don’t believe everything you read. She’s a great mother”, — quotes the words of the American access.

Earlier we wrote about that. what happening the bride Vladimir Klitschko, Hayden panettiere, no time to take care of their joint with the boxer daughter for her new novel. As it turned out, panettiere is currently Dating with actor Brian Hickerson.

“She knows that now is not the best time, the child was with her. It’s a sad situation,” it became known from an anonymous source in the new issue of Us Weekly.

At the moment, 4-year-old girl lives with heavyweight champion in Ukraine. Wladimir Klitschko has a daughter without the involvement of her mother, however, the father helps grandmother, Vladimir’s mother.

“This is not a healthy situation. In the first place needs to be children! This former celebrity couple destroys joint education,” — said the source.

Новый парень экс-невесты Кличко удивил неожиданным заявлением: «Она сейчас с ним»

Earlier it was reported that in the network there are new images 42-year-old Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko resting on the beach of Barbados with four-year-old Kaya Evdokia. As you know, last summer the famous boxer parted ways with 29-year-old aktrisa Hayden panettiere.

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After that, the very moment mom star next to the four-year old daughter has never seen. At the moment we know that the child together with his father went to Ukraine, to the great regret of the actress. The woman remained in California. According to media reports, panettiere haven’t seen my daughter for more than four months.

However, before she Hayden said that with Vladimir, she remained in a warm relationship. Previously, the star also noted that her daughter loves to travel a lot and she misses her a lot.

We will remind that eks-the world champion in superheavy weight Vladimir Klitschko has denied the rumors about his return to the ring.

It was also reported that the legendary Ukrainian heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has again commented on the rumors about his return to the ring this year.

In addition, Politeka wrote that according to authoritative sources, Wladimir Klitschko has decided to return to the ring and to fight in 2019.

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