The new Glass Hall will be opened at the Daile Theater and two premieres will be celebrated / Article

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The new Glass Hall will be opened at the Daile Theater and two premieres will be celebrated / Article

October will start with two premieres at the Daile Theater, as well as the opening of a new playground – the Glass Hall, the representatives of the theater informed.

On the evening of October 1, two new productions will premiere in the Glass Hall of the theater. The first part will feature Patrick Zīskind’s “Double Bass” with Aldis Siliņš, staged by the new director Henrijs Arājs, while the second part will feature a musical performance by director Laura Upeniece, Joanna Murray Smith’s “Songs for an Empty Place” with singing actress Erica Glavel.

Patrick Patrick Ziskind’s “Double Bass” is an open monologue of a forty-year-old man. “The middle-aged crisis, the evaluation of values, reflections on his private life and, in his opinion, the strange fate – to be only a double bassist in an orchestra or always – in the background. It is a story about the hopes and reality of a lonely man, about everyone’s such natural desire to be noticed, recognized and loved, ”the application says.

In turn, the performances of Joanna Murray Smith’s “Songs for an Empty Place” were presented as moving and sometimes humorous women’s monologues performed by actress Erika Eglija-Grāvele. Different women meet one of the legendary singing duos of the 20th century, such as Edith Piaf or Billy Holide, at different times. In turn, each of the diva met has some of her most popular songs, which the singing actress performs with her own charm together with accompanying musicians. All in all, it forms a musical story about the coincidences of life, relationships and the human aspects of the seemingly unattainable diva. ”

With this premiere evening, the Glass Hall of the theater with about 100 seats will be opened. The glass hall has become a new playground, creating an acoustic glass partition in the foyer on the second floor of the theater. At the beginning of next year, the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra will also meet here for rehearsals.

On October 2, the premiere of the Great Hall stage will take place for the production “Three Friends”. The show is based on a play by director Regnārs Vaivars, inspired by the most famous novel by Erik Maria Remark with the same name. The performances are presented as “a touching story about three young people who, after experiencing the horrors of the First World War, are trying to regain their lives.” The work tells the story of Robert, Gottfried and Otto, who live on the sale of beaten cars, but rest in pubs and in the company of women who buy, lingering in the memories of a painful past. The moment when seemingly nothing can give meaning to life, Robert meets Patricia. Despite the pain and illness, his friends are taught not only to find the inner strength to live here and now, but also to accept the volatile nature of all things.

Actors Lauris Dzelzītis, Andris Bulis and Gints Grāvelis play the roles of three friends in the show, while Ilze Ķuzule-Skrastiņa plays the role of Patricia. Scenography author – Regnārs Vaivars, set designer assistant – Aigars Tavkins, costume designer – Madara Botmane, lighting artist – Mārtiņš Feldmanis. The music directors of the show are Regnārs Vaivars, Juris Vaivods and Mārtiņš Ķirsis.

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