The network was captivated by the child’s reaction to the sounds of the violin

Сеть покорила реакция ребенка на звуки скрипки

The video is gaining popularity.

Rachel Griffin, a music teacher from new York (USA), is reluctant to Thomas, her son, from an early age learned to appreciate the art.

That’s why mom goes with a year-old baby for special courses, and there Thomas first heard on the violin. The enchanting sounds amazed and delighted the boy, stepping up to the violinist, he stood in silent delight, and then even tried to hug a “wonderful aunt”.

The audience viewed a video made by Rachel, in one voice assured that the mother should be sure to give her son a violin. Rachel don’t mind, but I’ll do it later, as long as her son is so small that it can only listen to this beautiful instrument but not playing it.

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