The Network showed the smallest baby in the world. Video

В Сети показали самого крошечного младенца в мире. Видео

The girl was discharged from the hospital.

In the United States in December 2018 was born a premature baby girl. The weight of a baby born at 23 weeks of gestation was only 25 grams. Six months later, the network appeared the video with the baby that is gaining weight and growing, reports the with reference to RBC.

The girl, born in a hospital in San Diego (CA), called Sabi. The baby’s mother says that due to complications during pregnancy, doctors had to do a cesarean section.

Moreover, neither doctors nor parents, Sabi did not believe that a girl born the size of a large Apple, will survive.

“They told my husband that he can stay with her for about an hour, after which it will not. However, an hour turned into two hours, and then one day, then a week,” said the woman.

Contrary to all expectations, Sabi was a real fighter and solemnly went home after five months spent in the hospital.

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She has officially become the tiny child in the world who managed to survive.

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