The network showed the ridiculous life hack coffee: video

У мережі показали найбезглуздіший лайфхак з кавою: відео

What not to do with coffee

On the Internet there are many different lipchak, which actually takes a lot of time and resources, and do not enable something quick to make. But this video of coffee is excreted through it, which is absolutely not useful. Do not repeat this at home.

Platform Reddit user with the nickname LeahCreams shared meaningless life hack for fans of coffee, which quickly rose to the top of the platform. 6 hours recording saw more than 30 thousand people, and left more than 800 comments.

“Use this simple trick”, – said the author. But, as in most “lifchik” that should make life easier, this advice is strange and fits very few people. Commentators began to joke that it’s part of the keto diet (avoiding carbohydrates and eating foods high in fat).

“People are adding butter to coffee, and here’s why…Because they are fucking idiots.”

Use this one simple trick from r/Unexpected

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