The network showed the reaction of the most restless people on the planet during the fight: epic video

У мережі показали реакцію найспокійнішої людини на планеті під час бійки: епічне відео

On the Internet actively discussing the short video, which users struck a straight face and the lack of any reaction from the men in the midst of a fight. See the video how it was.

52-year-old Chris hill from the UK became famous online as “the calmest man on the planet” in a short clip, which was posted on Twitter. The man had dinner at the diner “Kebabs Ken” in Portsmouth, where he witnessed tough fight. The network was struck by his straight face and lack of any reaction to a stressful situation.

So, the video shows that one of the visitors and staff had a conflict, which ended in a fight with other guests. The hill, sitting in the headphones right in the middle of it, calmly continues his meal.

“Oh my God, he literally never moved, just eat your food all the time” – surprised netizens. A few days the video has received almost 20 million views.

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