The Network showed footage of a solar Eclipse, which occurred in 1900. Video

В Сети показали кадры солнечного затмения, которое произошло в 1900 году. Видео

Video digitized and has shown the British film Institute and the Royal astronomical society.

The Internet posted the first ever photograph a solar Eclipse, which occurred may 28, 1900, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

The first record of a total solar Eclipse was done by the British magician Nevil Maskelyn and the American astronomer John Bacon during the expedition of the British Royal society in North Carolina.

A massive star can throw the star couple outside of their galaxies
This was the second attempt to remove the Eclipse, the first one was made in 1898 in India, then video also managed to record, but it was stolen and disappeared.

Astronomers have identified on Pluto liquid ocean

Earlier we wrote that astronomers at the satellite of Neptune discovered an exotic form of ice. It is worth noting that the satellite remains one of the rare small bodies of the Solar system, preserving the geological activity.

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