The Network showed as “roborate” wash skyscraper. Video

В Сети показали, как «роборуки» моют небоскреб. Видео

Men have been replaced by robots.

An Israeli startup has developed a Skyline Robotics robots for washing Windows in high-rise buildings, reports the with reference to the channel 24.

How to convince developers, robotic car wash Windows up to 6 times faster than ordinary workers, and do it better.

Gepostet von Skyline Robotics am Montag, 28. Mai 2018

Moreover, this invention is safer for employees because industrial mountaineering is considered one of the most dangerous professions.

What is Skyline Robotics?
The invention is a movable platform on which are fixed the movable robotic “hands” with brushes.

Workers who had engaged in washing Windows, do not plan to fire, they will be learning how to control the robots from earth.

The CEO of a startup Yaron Schwartz explained that robotic cranes need a 3D map of buildings, to know the “relief” facilities, he said.

This card is loaded into the system and it automatically calculates all the bumps and obstacles on the building.

If while washing someone looked out the window sensors on the robotic hand also will take into account and will bypass the obstacle.

Skyline Robotics also care about the environment, so washing Windows does not add harmful chemicals and detergents.

In the Network appeared the Ukrainian parody trailer for “Game of thrones”. Video

Using a special filtration system with reverse osmosis technology get well-purified water, which can dissolve the dust, grease and other contamination.

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