The Network has made fun of another heels of Putin

В Сети высмеяли очередные каблуки Путина

A new reason for jokes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has a complex because of low growth, ridiculed Internet users shoes with huge heels, reports the with reference to the Politek.

He put them on to attend an official event. Including, now, the reason for ridicule was not only the heel, but also the behavior of the Russian Chapter, which, most likely, decided to test shoes for flexibility. The time of “testing” came in the video, which is signed “the demonstration of pineshadow” (see late news).

В Сети высмеяли очередные каблуки Путина

“As he mangles”, — commented on the movements of the President-aggressor Twitter user Alexander Kalinin. “Small spool, but expensive to the country”, — sadly says Lyudmila Efimova.

“So this is what SKOLKOVO is busy! That’s development!”, — admires “Somebody Nobody”.

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