The network has found the best “Valentine” for solo drivers: photo

У мережі знайшли найкращу "валентинку" для самотніх водіїв: фото

Valentine for drivers

And while part of the world is preparing to celebrate the most romantic day of the year that single people don’t consider Valentine’s Day something special. But take care of them on the roads. As – see below.

Platform Reddit user with the nickname LittleGoyard shared a photo on the road, which quickly rises in trends. Within hours, the record saw more than 21 thousand people, more than a hundred comments. And all because. on this photo you can see the best “Valentine” for solo drivers.

“There is no second half? Your seat belt will support you,” reads the Billboard. Commentators have recognized that they need a slogan somewhere else, and someone noted that it saddens the lonely motorcycle owners.

Reminder to put a seatbelt on from r/wholesomememes

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