The network got the first frames of the second part of “Avatar”

 The first frames of the second part of

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The first shots of the sequel to the sci-fi movie “Avatar” from James Cameron appeared on the Web and gave hope to many fans of the picture that the long-awaited premiere will take place, as promised, on December 16 this year, writes The Verge.

They leaked to the Internet after the director of the film, James Cameron, presented excerpts of the film via video link at the CinemaCon event in Las Vegas. It will first be shown in theaters ahead of the premiere of Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness. and only in a week will it officially be available to the public.

As for the plot, the action takes place more than ten years after the events of the first film. Events will unfold in that part of the planet Pandora that is covered with oceans. Judging by the first frames leaked online, the film will have even more of the special effects that Cameron's work is so famous for, stunning landscapes and even more action. It will not do without new cyber creatures that will try to disrupt the peaceful life of the inhabitants of Pandora.

“The Way of Water” – second, but not the last. The third, fourth and fifth parts of the picture are currently in development. Each next one will come out about once every two years after the previous one, but the same date has been chosen for all – December 16th. Cameron promises that the new parts of the story “Avatar” will amaze the audience no less than the first. The film, which will be released 13 years after the debut of the original, will be shown in 3D.

First Avatar released in 2009 and is still one of the highest grossing films of all time. It grossed $2.78 billion on a budget of approximately $237 million. 315″ src=”″ title=”YouTube video player” width=”560″>

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