The network blew up the video, which electric car, the Mini was taken in tow by a huge Boeing

Мережу підірвало відео, на якому електрокар Mini взяв на буксир величезний Boeing

Mini Cooper SE was taken in tow by Boeing
/ namastecar

Electric Mini Cooper E, which debuted in the summer of 2019, proved very popular. Now almost 100 thousand people have already expressed their desire to purchase a new product. And after the movie interest in electric cars has grown even more.

So, at the beginning of 2020 Mini received more than 90 thousand pre-orders from potential customers for the new Cooper SE. And this despite the fact that in August the number of “armor” was less than 2 times – then the automaker has received 45,000 applications.

Interestingly, shortly before the premiere, Cooper SE, the British released the movie with the new machine, which was to whet interest in it, and apparently it worked. In the video, the MINI showed the ability of the power plant: the electric car was taken in tow by a 150-ton cargo Boeing 777F, and successfully handed it to a few tens of meters along the runway.

Production of electric MINI was launched in November, the first customers will receive their cars in March 2020.

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