The negotiations between Russia and Japan about the peace Treaty failed

Переговоры России и Японии о мирном договоре провалились

The island dispute is not resolved.

The government of Japan decided to abandon the idea of concluding with Russia a framework agreement on a peace Treaty at the end of June, reports the with reference on the Country.

As the newspaper notes, previously the Japanese government had hoped to prepare this agreement to the summit of “Big twenty”, which will be held in Osaka on June 28-29 and during the scheduled meeting of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tokyo, in particular, intended to reaffirm the Joint Declaration of the USSR and Japan from 1956, in which Moscow has declared readiness to transfer to Japan two Islands of the southern Kuril Islands of Shikotan and Habomai after a peace Treaty.

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However, according to interlocutors of the newspaper, in the end the parties are unable to overcome disagreements on a number of historical moments and issues of security. During the talks, Moscow has expressed concern about the possibility of accommodation on the Islands terrestrial missile defense systems Aegis Ashore American production in the case of transfer of Japan. As a result of the summit, Japan and Russia will focus on progress on joint economic activities on southern Kuriles.

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