The need of a doctor for the flu: the consequences of self-treatment

Необходимость врача при гриппе: к чему приводит самолечение

The flu in any case can not be treated at home, self-medication can lead to bad consequences

The flu is a very serious disease which requires skilled and effective treatment, and assign it can only be a doctor. It is important as early as possible to begin treatment.

“In order to get over the flu quickly and without consequences, should correctly pick up the drugs, taking into account age, presence of chronic diseases and contraindications and so forth, do not exceed the recommended dose and don’t abuse substance unnecessarily. Self-medication is extremely dangerous, because we are talking about a virus that can permanently settle in the body and cause a number of complications. Prescribe pills can only be a specialist,” explained doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

Необходимость врача при гриппе: к чему приводит самолечение

According to her, it is also important not to stop taking medication as soon as you feel better. The flu treatment should last at least 2 weeks. Otherwise there is a risk of secondary bacterial infection.

“This is because during illness the airway can be cleared of bacteria, their “remains” begin to actively proliferate and can cause complications, such as rhinitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia,” says the doctor.

The wrong treatment increases the risk of exacerbation of existing chronic diseases, because in the period of the disease all the body’s defenses are very weak.

Another danger of the flu – the development of lesions and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In addition to the cough, sore throat and runny nose, flu is often accompanied by fever, weakness, dizziness. Often doctors prescribe symptomatic medications to alleviate the patient’s condition.

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Необходимость врача при гриппе: к чему приводит самолечение

“Be sure to tell your doctor about all your existing diseases and allergies! It is important to remember that if you have problems with the cardiovascular system, in any case, you should not take medicines, which include phenylephrine. This substance is often found in modern vehicles, so be sure to read the drug before taking it. It provokes a sharp jump in pressure, which further stress the heart”, — explained the expert.

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