The NBU had to sell currency to maintain the hryvnia

НБУ пришлось продавать валюту для поддержания гривны

Last week, the NBU sold $ 43 million to keep the hryvnia.

The national Bank in the last week of may I bought on the interbank currency market $11.5 million, but sold $43 million the Last time a net seller of the currency, the Central Bank was on the week from 11 to 15 March.

As the press service of the NBU, $43 million was sold as a intervention on a single rate (using the tool matching), whereas the purchase of $11.5 million was made earlier in the week at the best price for the sale (using the tool matching), reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Against the background of deteriorating external financial conditions for emerging markets and rising uncertainty in Ukraine at the end of the month, the hryvnia under devaluation pressure,” the statement reads.

Note, for the past week, the hryvnia has lost 52 penny (almost 2%), down to 26.85 per dollar, But in General for may the hryvnia exchange rate decreased slightly by less than 1%.

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Since the beginning of the year, the NBU bought $1316,7 million, and sold $231,43 million, including in may, respectively, $203.6 million and $43 million, while in April – $321,5 million and $21.6 million

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