The NBU called the biggest challenge to the economy of the current year

В НБУ назвали самый большой вызов экономике текущего года

The national Bank should increase international reserves.

Repayment of debt in foreign currency will be one of the biggest challenges for Ukraine in 2019. Peak payments began in may. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of the national Bank of Ukraine Bogdan Danilishin on his page in Facebook on Wednesday, may 29, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“One of the greatest challenges will be the repayment of public debt in foreign currency. In may-December to pay $ 3.5 billion external debt and $ 2.8 billion in foreign bonds (foreign currency bonds of domestic Treasury bonds – ed.). A total of 6.3 billion dollars”, — wrote he.

According to him, the peak payment periods is may and September – $ 1.7 billion (may – $ 1.4 billion for external debt and 0.3 billion dollars in foreign bonds, September – $ 1.6 billion for external debt and 0.1 billion on foreign currency government bonds).

Danylyshyn noted that the “push” on the currency market will be the repayment of short-term hryvnia government bonds, which non-residents purchased in February-April. As of may 13, investments of non-residents in government bonds amounted to 39.2 billion hryvnia, compared with the beginning of the year they have grown almost in 6,5 times – to about $ 1.5 billion (in dollar equivalent) foreigners invested in short-term government bonds this year. Probably in July-September the significant part after repayment of government bonds in national currency will be converted into foreign currency and taken out of Ukraine”, — predicts he.

He stressed that the NBU should continue to purchase foreign currency in the interbank market in order to increase international reserves and may increase to such redemption.

Half of the money in the state budget borrowed — Ministry of Finance

“In the aspect of public debt and exchange rate stability one of the major tasks of the Ukrainian authorities will be the relationship with the IMF. Program stan-by, which is valid until the end of this year, we can expect to receive two tranches of the loan totaling 2.5 billion dollars”, – said the head of the national Bank Council.

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