The naked captain of Roskosmos molested 11-year-old children

 Naked Roscosmos captain molested 11-year-old children

In the city of Yeysk, the captain of the space troops, being in an altered state of consciousness and being under the influence of psychotropic substances, naked molested 11-year-old children, players of the youth hockey team.

At night, a man made his way to the hotel where the Sharks 2021 team was staying. (Krasnodar), stripped naked, climbed into bed with one boy and began to hug him, then he began to kiss the hand of another boy, well, and then the drugs completely knocked out the astronaut.

The coach of the children's team woke up the pedophile . “Cosmonaut” I was so frightened that I ran away from the hotel, leaving both clothes and documents there. However, the next day he himself came to the police and said that he was heavily drugged and would not have molested children in his life. However, the next day, the parents of Captain Kolpakov, as well as his military authorities, arrived in the city.

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