The Musk company explained for experiments on primates

 Musk's company explained for experiments on primates

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Elon Musk's Neuralink has explained their experiments on monkeys. Previously, the research company came under fire from animal rights activists from the animal rights group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. (PCRM) about killing 15 primates.

Company representatives on the official website stated that they did not cause any suffering to animals.

“At Neuralink, we remain committed to humane and ethical treatment in working with animals. The use of each primate has been carefully planned and thought out to balance scientific testing with the morality of animal use,” — The organization said.

The report also states that two experimental animals were euthanized at the “scheduled end of the experiment” date. to collect biological data. Another six primates were euthanized due to surgical complications, broken chip or infections.

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