The most unusual and popular names in Israel have been revealed

The most unusual and popular names in Israel have been named

Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics has published data on the most popular names for boys and girls in Israel, as well as the most unusual names among Israelis.

According to Ynet , this year, the most common name among boys again turned out to be Muhammad. Most of the newborn girls were named Maya. Jewish boys were most often called David.

One of the unusual names that the Israelite took for himself was Atrav, which means “ Rabbit. ''

Another man decided express your love for pets and changed your last name to the cat's nickname. Later, the same man decided to change his name to the nickname of the dog.

An Israeli who traveled to China decided to take the name “ Calm, Sensuality and Spirit. '' And one of the inhabitants of the South wished to call himself 23 names from TANAKH, and justified his decision by the fact that he received such instructions in a dream.

The Population Registration Department notes that changing a name is a serious process, therefore, often strange requests rejected.

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