The most mysterious structures in the world (PHOTOS)

Their origin raises many questions.

Built thousands of years ago and miraculously surviving, built of materials of unknown origin and hide their true functions in strange forms – on the planet there are many mysterious structures, which are associated with insoluble riddles. Some of them can impress with its impressive age, the other impressive size, and some truly fantastic architectural characteristics. Looking at such structures, we can only guess what was our world thousands of years ago. How people were able to obtain unique building materials and process them skillful way to build indestructible stone walls and carving of the rocks, the monoliths are incomprehensible to us destinations on these issues, scientists continue to ponder one hundred years, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

The tablets of Georgia, USA

In the North-Eastern part of Georgia is a unique landmark known to the General public called “tablets of Georgia.” The impressive size of the construction is a complex of six granite slabs, each of which is 6.1 m and a weight of 20 tons. On the granite slab has been there are memorial inscriptions on the eight languages of the world, they represent a kind of instruction for those who survive the Apocalypse and will rebuild civilization.

The opening of an unusual monument in Georgia took place in 1980, its construction was done by employees of construction organizations Elberton Granite Finishing Company. Author unusual monument is not known, according to one version, it is a Robert Christian, who ordered the construction of the monument. The monument is notable for its astronomical orientation, it is oriented in such a way that allows you to track the movement of the sun. In the Central part of the monument there is a hole through which at any time you can see the North star.

Despite the fact that the age of the monument is relatively small, it never ceases to attract the attention of the public. Of most interest to visitors is the mysterious message, which is a very fair and legitimate commandments. To read the mysterious message in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian languages and also in Hindi and Hebrew.

The temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon

Unique building is the ancient temple of Jupiter, located in the ancient Lebanese city of Baalbek. Despite the fact that today the ancient building is in ruins, it never ceases to amaze with its scale and design features. The main mystery of the temple are huge slabs platform at its base, and carved marble pillars, the height of which is estimated reached 20 meters.

How thousands of years ago people were able to design structures of this scale, up to the present time could not understand. According to historical records, the temple of Baalbek has existed for several hundred years and was partially destroyed during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius. It is likely that thousands of years ago, these places were considered really special, no other explanation for the appearance of a giant temple can be found.

When trying to imagine the process of construction of the temple there is a huge number of unanswered questions. Huge stone platforms, which weigh 1,000 tons, people were able to raise to a height of 7 meters. Even today, using the most modern equipment to carry out such a task would be difficult. Near the temple is a quarry, on which was carved from the rocks huge monoliths, one monolith was left in the quarry intact. The settings are also impressive, the length of the monolith is 21 meters, height – 4.2 meters and a width of about 5 meters. According to one version, the unique temple thousands of years ago was built on the orders of king Solomon.

Mysterious circles in gobekli Tepe, Turkey

In Turkey, near the border with Syria is the area of gobekli Tepe, the world fame that brought discovered megalithic circles. Each of them is a bit like the circle of Stonehenge, but the circles at gobekli Tepe was built about a thousand years earlier. The purpose of stone circles is also unclear, as the method of construction of such a large and correct structures.

Found a megalithic group of archaeologists led by Klaus Schmidt, excavations in the said area specialists started in 1994. In addition to the mysterious circles of scientists have discovered the ruins of ancient temples and other structures, whose age is about 12 thousand years. Archaeological excavations in the area of gobekli Tepe continuously for more than ten years, over the years, scientists have been able to clear only a small portion of buried treasure.

Under assumptions of historians, thousands of years ago in these places were located a complex of religious buildings, this is where the people brought sacrifices to the gods of fertility. Mysterious circles – nothing but the Central part of this religious complex, where he accomplished the most important rituals. It is likely that the solid circles are just part of a huge temple complex, as evidenced by the discovered nearby monoliths with pictograms. The latter are of particular interest to those interested in the history of the ancient world. Among the variety of icons was discovered not only animal images, but also images of creatures, only vaguely resembling humans.

The Inca city of Machu Picchu, Peru

Attendance at the Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru, approximately 2,500 tourists a day.

Among the most incredible and amazing structures on the planet, the city of Machu Picchu is a very special place. This ancient city of the Incas for thousands of years is the best preserved of all, today visitors of the unique archaeological complex offers a unique opportunity to stroll through the ancient streets and experience the history in its true incarnation. A pioneer of the unique archaeological complex is the Hiram Bingham, excavations, his group began in 1911.

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The story of Machu Picchu full of secrets and mysteries, several hundred years it remained the residence of the ruler, even in the heyday in the city there were no more than 200 buildings. In 1532 the history of the city mysteriously cut off, one of the evidences, all residents lump just disappeared. The modern visitors of the archaeological site will be able to see carefully the recovered fragments of the ancient temples, residences, warehouses and other buildings that were used for household needs.

The mysterious disappearance of the residents of the city is just one of the mysteries of Machu Picchu, the ancient city is a unique architectural point of view, the construction. The interest here is everything from a carefully worked stones, which are composed of built up of regular geometric forms of these buildings. Travelers who decide to stroll around the archaeological area, it is worth considering that open for only 2 500 tourists per day, so the tour should be booked in advance.

Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

In southern Africa there is a unique complex of ruins under the title of “Great Zimbabwe”, not everyone knows that in honor of this archaeological site got its name the namesake African country. According to historical records, more than thousand years ago in these places lived tribes “Sean”, and they erected many buildings, the ruins of which today are of such interest to tourists and researchers.

According to rough estimates, Great Zimbabwe was founded in the 12th century BC, since the founding of the city has not existed for over 300 years. The reason why a large city a few hundred years deserted, remains unknown. The main feature of the ruins is their architectural characteristics. All the buildings at Great Zimbabwe were built from the same stone monoliths of the correct form, which are simply stacked on top of each other without using any bonding materials.

Surprisingly, with such characteristics of the buildings they managed partially preserved after more than 3,000 years. One of the most interesting parts of the archaeological complex is the so-called “road barrier”, a huge stone circle with a diameter of 89 meters. The total length of the stone wall is 244 meters, and the height of buildings is 10 metres. On the appointment of such facilities, modern scientists can only guess.

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The ruins of Chavin de Huantar, Peru

In Peru, too, there are amazing structures that deserve attention of the most discerning travelers, among them include the ruins of the ancient city of Chavin de Huantar. It is situated in the eponymous district, which the local inhabitants since prehistoric times believe special and filled with magical powers. The ancient city of Chavin de Huantar was founded in 327 BC, the bulk of it was occupied by temples and places of worship.

For many years the ancient city remained a place of carrying out of complex religious rites and sacrifices, as evidenced by the diversity found during the excavation of the artifacts. It was here that draw their power, shamans, the locals now believe that while walking among the ruins can be “charged” with magical powers. The Central location of the archaeological site today is occupied by two of the temple courtyards which are hidden iconic monuments and obelisks.

Like many other prehistoric structures, the complex Chavin de Huantar remarkable method of construction, the temples are striking for their scale and dimensions of construction materials used. The internal structure of the temples is very complex, stroll through the maze of corridors visitors can only be a guide. History of the discovery of the ancient city is also unusual, he found one of the local farmers. Cultivating the land, he noticed the strange stones carved with petroglyphs, more than a hundred years discovered by a farmer remains in the attention of archaeologists from all over the world.

Coral castle, United States

On the territory of the state of Florida in HOMESTEAD is a unique Coral castle, called the rock garden, which can be considered a real wonder of the world. Impressive in scale complex of statues, a total weight of 1,100 tons, was built by hand, the fact of its existence for many years surprised millions of people from around the world. The author of a unique rock garden is ed Leedskalnin – an immigrant from Latvia, for this feat he was inspired by falling in love.

Walking through the garden of stones, you can see some beautiful sculptures in the romantic style, including a huge table in the shape of a heart. Very interesting and hoisted on the pedestal of a Crescent, which always point exactly to the polar star. The largest building is a high square tower, which weighs 243 tons. The main building material in the construction of sculptures served as the coral stones, the weight of some of them reaches several tons.

The construction of the Coral castle, the author began in 1923 and continuously kept him up to the time of death. The fact that a beautiful rock garden built by one person without using any special equipment, it seems fantastic. Given that ed Leedskalnin was a rather fragile man, the phenomenon of the existence of the Coral castle and it is impossible to explain. The growth of men was only 152 cm and weight 45 kg.

Plain of jars, Laos

In Laos near the town of Phonsavan is amazing plain of jars – undeveloped district in the territory of which represented hundreds of amazing stone structures. Their shape these structures resemble the real pitchers, the difference lies only in the impressive sizes. The height of the stone jars is from 1 to 3.5 meters, and the average diameter is about 1 meter. The weight of the large “jug” is approximately equal to 6 tons, who and for what purpose many years ago have created a number of obscure stone structures – one of the mysteries of Laos.

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It is noteworthy that all the stone of the stupa was carved from stone, which is not typical for the area. With Valley of the jars due to many interesting legends, one of them, a huge stupa in ancient times the locals used for cremation of the dead. According to another version, a huge stone stupa used to store rice wine. As it was established to scientists, the age of unusual rock formations is more than 2,5 thousand years.

Only in the suburban areas of Phonsavan there are just under 500 jars. Undeniable is the fact that all of the huge stone stupa were carved from stone by hand, but how did you manage to do that, people 2,500 years ago is a mystery. According to one Lao legends, once in this picturesque valley of the giants lived, which created a multi-ton stone structures. Archaeological research in the valley are conducted from the 30-ies of the 20th century, and every year archaeologists are able to find out all new and unique facts.

Megaliths in the Park Asuka, Japan

Some amazing structures can be seen in Japanese Park, Asuka here for many hundreds of years lie the huge megaliths, about the real purpose of which modern science can only guess. In the main the researchers, a huge megaliths carved with surface designs – nothing but the ancient altars. One of the most interesting megaliths is called Sakafune Ishi, its surface was discovered strange traces of wedges, which has prompted researchers thoughts about the cult purpose of the stones.

One of the biggest in the Park is the monolith Masuda Iwafune, the length of which is 11 meters width – 8 meters height – 4.7 meters. This huge rock, which was obviously carved from a single piece of granite by hand, weighs at least 7 tons. Surprisingly, the age of the monolith is more than 2,5 thousand years. Another amazing fact is that the granite rock that was made megaliths, incredibly strong, even with the use of modern equipment to leave on the surface at least the scratch is extremely difficult.

How thousands of years ago people were able to handle solid granite, and decorate it clear patterns is a mystery to modern science. The locals believe in the magical power of megaliths, many try to avoid them and I’m afraid to even touch the giant stones. Curious travelers each day are photographed against the backdrop of huge granite stones, similar legends are not confused.

Carved columns of Shravanabelagola, India

Travelers who want to see amazing buildings in India, should definitely visit the city of Shravanabelagola. There are several amazing temples, the main decoration of which are beautifully carved columns. The shape of the columns is unique, they were created more than a thousand years ago, in an age when there were no lathes and chisels.

Today to cut from stone like a column is not difficult, but how did people do this 10 to 12 centuries ago, and what are the secrets of working stone they owned – remains a mystery. Every day ancient temples of Shravanabelagola visited by a huge number of tourists and in order to their hands to touch the incredibly beautiful and slender columns, with a perfect polished surface and intricate patterns.

After admiring the beautiful carved columns, you should definitely visit the nearby village of Hampi, where there are also several noteworthy attractions. Here you can see some of the first in India multi-storey buildings, which were built from huge stone slabs and pillars. One of the most remarkable archaeological areas are ruins of Vijayanagara, here you can see the ruins of an old two-storey buildings.

Domus de Janus, Italy

In Italy among the most amazing structures it is worth noting the so-called “House of fairies” — Domus de Janus. They represent a unique stone buildings, which in their shapes do resemble fairy houses with doorway and small Windows. Most of these buildings had been discovered in Sardinia, currently in the region there are about 2 800 facilities.

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Each house is unique, some of them were carved in the rock ledges, others in detached boulders. One of the main features of the structures is their relatively small size. To in such house could live at least one person, the size should be on average two times more. For this reason, Domus de Janus is considered to be the dwelling magical creatures – fairies, and some believe that in these small houses lived a witch.

Carvings in stone houses notable for its design on their walls, you notice a lot of mysterious characters. According to rough estimates of scientists, Domus de Janus was built in the period from 4th to 2nd Millennium BC, If we consider the conventional information about the level of development of civilization in those days, you can imagine how time consuming was the process of construction of houses. The travelers who visit the amazing sights of Sardinia, be sure to do a magical ritual. In the centre of each house is a small depression, they put offerings for the fairies.

Stone Heirloom, Japan

Length: 5.7 meters. Height: 7.2 meters . Width: 6.5 meters. A man-made formation is a stone Heirloom, also known under the name of Oishi Shrine. In the medieval period, the huge stone was declared a Shrine, and beside him, the temple was built. The history of the origin of the stone is not known, it amazes by its impressive scale. The length of the monolith is 5.7 meters width – 6.5 meters and a height of 7.2 meters, respectively. It is estimated that the weight of the stone Heirloom is about 600 tons.

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There is a stone in the difficult rocky terrain on all sides it is surrounded by sheer cliffs. On three sides of the monolith surrounds the rock from which he was hewn, and the lower part of the stone was not separated from the common breed. With the processing of the lower part of the monolith is one of the main features of the Shrine, in the period of construction of the monolith was trying to separate from the rock and made down the tunnel.

Finish what you have started and failed in the end under the monolith was a small hollow, which is now filled with water. At first glance it may seem that a huge stone literally floats above a small makeshift swimming pool. According to some studies, stone Heirloom can be part of an ancient Buddhist temple. Buddhist shrines were built on the same principle have been carved out of solid rock.

Circle goseck, Germany

Year of appearance: 4900 BC. On the territory of the German city of Goseck is amazing Neolithic structure, which is called “circle goseck”. It consists of several concentric ditches, the diameter of which is about 75 meters, and a palisade rings in certain places which was built some semblance of a gate. An unusual structure was discovered by researchers recently, in 1991. Flying over the area by plane, the researchers noticed in the background of a wheat field strange round silhouette.

In 2002, in the aforesaid region began archaeological excavations, which took place under the leadership of françois Bertema from the University of Halle-Wittenberg. Strange Neolithic complex, which was discovered by researchers that once were clearly a serious and very specific purpose. The complex has a strict astronomical orientation, its southern passages coincide exactly with the points of sunrise and sunset during the winter solstice.

Such features of the structures has prompted researchers thought that earlier on Gasexchange circle could be an ancient astronomical laboratory. It is likely that thousands of years ago such structures helped people to make accurate lunar calendar. If wildest guesses of the scientists will find exact confirmation, the circle goseck can be considered the most ancient of the existing solar observatories on the planet. According to rough estimates, the Observatory was built not later than 4900 BC.

Delhi post, India

Year of appearance: 415, Height: 7 metres. The Indian city Delhi, too, has a mysterious symbol – Delhi post. It is located in one of the remote areas of the city and was built, according to scientists, about 1 600 years ago. Despite the fact that the post was entirely built of iron, over such a long period he was not exposed to corrosion and has more than 16 centuries continues to remain unchanged. The explanation for this amazing fact, scientists can not be found, as well as to explain the method of construction of the column.

For local residents the Delhi pillar continues to be one of the major miracles, they believe in its magical powers. According to many indigenous people, after touching the post can be healed from many diseases and also safely rely on the implementation of the most cherished desires. The height of the huge iron column is 7 meters, and its estimated weight is about 6.5 tons.

Unlike many of the mysterious structures on the planet, the history of the Delhi pillar exactly known, it was built in 415 BC in honor of the deceased two years earlier, the king Chandragupta II and was part of the temple complex. In 1050 by order of king Ananga Sex column was moved to another part of Delhi, where she is now. In the 5th century, iron was considered one of the key attributes of a rich and prosperous state, it is not surprising that the column it was decided to build it out of him. For many years scientists are trying to unravel some of the mysteries of the Delhi pillar, but their hypotheses give rise to new questions. One of the assumptions he was bound of a special, pure iron, but the fact of the production of the latter in such large numbers is still unclear.

Fortress Saksaywaman, Peru

Year of creation: 15th century. In Peru, on the outskirts of the ancient capital of the Incas, Cusco mysterious fortress Saksaywaman, it is also shrouded in a lot of interesting mysteries and legends. The Central location of the building is an impressive size stone structure rounded – solar calendar. For hundreds of years the castle has been perfectly preserved, and on its territory you can see the many outbuildings that were used for storing water and food.

On the skill of the builders of the Inca there are many legends, the fortress of Sacsayhuman is a striking confirmation of the fact that many of them are not fiction. The fortress built of enormous stone blocks of regular shape, the method of processing which leads to the admiration of even the most experienced contemporary builders. According to one legend, using the juice of rare plants Incas were able to literally dissolve the stones, but many believe that the builders in their hard work helped by a higher power.

Today the fortress is Sacsayhuman is the largest on the continent, for thousands of years it retained its former power. Huge multi-ton stone blocks stacked so tightly that they cannot move, and often between blocks can be difficult to insert a sheet of paper. Under some assumptions, many years ago, the fortress had not only strategic importance, its territory was a large temple complex. According to historical records, the construction of the fortress began in the second half of the 15th century and lasted about 50 years. The fortress was never completely finished due to the outbreak of civil wars.

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