The most expensive gifts for the New Year 2023 – TOP 7

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 The most expensive gifts for the New Year 2023 – TOP 7 < /p>

When else to give – for yourself or others – the most expensive, the most luxurious, the most glamorous, if not for the main holiday of the year? nevertheless, within reason) gifts that can be found in stores (and on websites) in Israel. These gifts can be bought both for loved ones and for yourself to look like a million on New Year's Eve, while spending much less.

Evening dress – Elisabetta Franchi 7330 shekels

Stunning, guipure, embroidered with crystals and rhinestones, with an accentuated waist and a wide skirt with flounces, translucent – in general, this design artifact combines everything that is alluring, intriguing and chic from the world of fashion.
Elisabetta Franchi – is a fashion prêt-à-porter with boutiques in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai, a regular participant of the International Fashion Week in Milan. The brand's showroom is located in the heart of Milan's Fashion District on six floors of a thousand square meter building. The brand's Israeli store is smaller, but clothing prices are the same as in Italy.

 The most expensive gifts for the New Year 2023 – TOP 7

Lafayette Italy stiletto chain-heeled boots 2999 shekels

Paco Raban himself could create such an art object. High-heeled boots with a metal top and a bright painted sole – it's a real new year! You can admire them in the network of luxury shoes Lafayette Italy. All the shoes in a dozen stores of the network are directly from the factories of Italy, they are unusually bright, colorful and very comfortable: nevertheless, the Italian pads – the most comfortable in the world.

 The most expensive gifts for the New Year 2023 – TOP 7

Jack Kuba cocktail dress NIS 2841

French lingerie with handmade lace can become a sensational outfit for the New Year – The lingerie look is back on the runway this season with pomp and fireworks.
We found this slash lingerie dress at Jack Kuba boutique (there are 37 across the country). Many celebrities buy French, Italian, American underwear in this network.

 expensive gifts for the New Year 2023 – TOP 7

Cream luxury line Re-Nutriv by Estee Lauder – 1890 NIS comparisons. This cream contains Black Diamond Black Truffle Extract, a rare wonder of nature, transformed into a pure essence with a patented formula. For even greater effect, the cream can be supplemented with a serum of the same line for 1200 shekels.
 The most expensive gifts for the New Year 2023 – TOP 7

< strong>Scented Advent CalendarJo Malone London – NIS 1750

Every day of the coming New Year, we open a new calendar drawer filled with 25 fragrant delicacies, including perfumes, cosmetics for bath, body, travel, limited edition miniature candles and 2 free full-size products.
Each fragrance is from Jo Malone London is based on rare natural ingredients and handmade candles. Their creation takes up to two years, 16 people are involved in the process. All the gifts of the brand look like a real royal gift.

 The most expensive gifts for the New year 2023 – TOP 7

Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense – NIS 1315 for 50 ml

Luxury Private Oud Collection by Tom Ford — it is a journey into the hypnotic depths of the sensual scent of agarwood (oud tree). “I wanted to create something amazing and unprecedented, combining components from completely different worlds,” Tom Ford himself described his inspiration. New Year – the right time to try and appreciate something completely new. Perfume Oud Wood Intense created for Him and Her – everyone will find in it notes that are consonant with him.

 The most expensive gifts for the New Year 2023 – TOP 7

Bright Advent Calendar М.А.С – NIS 1070

A huge make-up collection from M.A.S allows you to draw a new face every day. 24 surprise makeup products are neatly packaged in a fancy red box with mini drawers that we will open with bated breath. Lipsticks, glosses, shadows, creams, eyeliners, sprays, balms, mascaras, pencils, blush, bronzers – this year will be an extravaganza. (By the way, all calendar products individually cost NIS 2155.)

 The most expensive gifts for the New Year 2023 – TOP 7

Happy New Year! And may it be prosperous!

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