The most anticipated series of October have been named

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The most anticipated October TV series have been named

A lot of exciting TV series will be released in October 2021.

Among the premieres of October 2021, there are several very interesting projects from various television companies: from a family drama to a large-scale history of an alien attack on humanity. A detective segment is also presented: a journalistic investigation full of secrets and dangers, as well as the disclosure of the secrets of the 1990s, when a wave of deaths from painkillers swept across the United States. So each viewer will choose something to their liking. We have collected the top 5 TV series for October 2021. The Story of a Single Mother & # 187;

  • Maid
  • Premiere: October 1

The new series from Netflix tells the story of a young single mother who works as a cleaner to ensure a decent life for herself and her baby. The main role was played by Margaret Qualley, who became famous for her role in the sensational & # 171; Once Upon a Time in Hollywood & # 187; Quentin Tarantino.

Margaret's partner on the set was her mother, the famous actress Andie MacDowell. In the series, she played the role of the main character's mother. The series is based on a true story. Based on the memoirs of Stephanie Land & # 171; The Cleaning Lady. The story of a single mother who escaped poverty & # 187 ;.

Series & # 171; Convict & # 187;

  • Guilty Party
  • Premiere: 14 October

The main character of the series & # 171; Convict & # 187; from CBS – the once-star journalist Beth, who, in an effort to save her professional reputation and almost ruined career, takes on a high-profile case. Beth decides to deal with the scandalous case of a young criminal serving time for the brutal murder of her husband. Convicted of murder, Tony claims she was framed, but no one believes her. And the investigation is becoming more dangerous and confusing.

Kate Beckinsale starred in the series. The series was produced by comedian Rebecca Addelman, who promises an exciting story in the genre of & # 171; black comedy & # 187 ;.

TV series & # 171; Breaking & # 187;

  • Dopesick
  • Premiere: October 14

The Hulu TV channel is releasing a series that will tell the whole terrible truth about pharmaceutical companies. The series is based on Bette Macy's book & # 171; Breaking: Dealers, Doctors, and Pharmaceutical Companies Who Addicted America & # 187 ;. The series will tell the story of the opioid epidemic in the United States in the 1990s, when there was a spike in deaths in the United States caused by the use of drugs based on opioids, namely a drug called & # 171; OxyContin & # 187;, which is twice as strong as morphine.

The series will tell a story from the perspective of doctors, patients and pharmaceutical companies. Michael Keaton will star in the lead role of the doctor who begins the investigation, and the first episode of the series was directed by the famous Barry Levinson, who has in his piggy bank & # 171; Rain Man & # 187;, & # 171; Analyze That & # 187; and & # 171; Donnie Brasco & # 187 ;.

TV Show & # 171; I Know What You Did Last Summer & # 187;

  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Premiere: October 15

The new series from Amazon Prime Video is based on the cult slasher of the same name from 1997 and Lois Duncan's 1973 novel. In the story, a group of teenagers will be chased by a killer, exactly one year after their graduation party had a fatal accident. The series airs two weeks before Halloween – a worthy candidate to watch.

Pilot release removed James Wan is a producer and director who worked on & # 171; Saw & # 187;. The first four episodes of the slasher will air on October 15, the rest will air on Fridays until November 12.

TV series & # 171; Invasion & # 187;

  • Invasion
  • Premiere: October 22

Apocalyptic science fiction series from AppleTV + about the invasion of the Earth by aliens that threaten the existence of mankind. The story will be told from the point of view of five heroes: a military man, a mother of two children, a small town sheriff, a NASA employee and a schoolboy whose bus crashed during an alien attack.

Sam Neal, star of & # 171; Jurassic Park & ​​# 187; show – nominee for the & # 171; Oscar & # 187; Simon Kienberg, who directed & # 171; X-Men & # 187; and David Weil, who worked on & # 171; Hunters & # 187; with Al Pacino. So the show promises to be large-scale, dramatic and bloody.

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