The monument to the Soviet soldier-rapist dismantled

Памятник советскому солдату-насильнику демонтировали

The monument to the Soviet soldier-rapist dismantled
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The monument to the Soviet soldier-rapist. Photo: Jerzy Bogdan Shumchik

In Gdansk dismantled the sculpture established on 12 October on the Avenue of Victory.

In Poland dismantled the monument to Soviet soldier-rapist, appeared on the evening of 12 October on the Avenue of Victory in Gdansk, soobshaet with reference to the Internet portal The sculptor was a student of local Academy of fine arts Jerzy Bogdan Shumchik (Jerzy Bohdan Szumczyk). According to him, the work is dedicated to restoration of historical truth and fate of women during wartime.

The sculpture was removed the following morning by order of the city authorities and the police where asked outraged locals. The administration of Gdansk stressed that it had not issued permits for the installation of the monument. The artist himself, this fact is not surprising, he admitted that he had not approached the authorities, knowing that they will not allow him to demonstrate this work. Now prosecutors must decide whether the student perceived as an offense.

Meanwhile, according to Krakow has already found wants to buy a piece of Shumchik.

Sculpture consisting of figures of men and women as a man is a rape scene. A man in the uniform of a Soviet soldier in a helmet with a five-pointed star keeps lying pregnant woman with one hand by the hair, the other guiding the muzzle of the gun in her mouth.

As locations of his sculptures, the artist has chosen the Avenue of Victory with the Soviet T-34 tank, which was installed in memory of the fallen Soviet soldiers who participated in the liberation of Gdansk in 1945. In front of the tank Shumchik set the red pedestal on which to place his sculpture. Initially, he said, he wanted to put her in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, however, he did not have the money for it.

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