The monster emerged from the lake, and scared away people, “the head of the snake black back”

Чудище вынырнуло из озера и распугало людей: "голова змеи, черная спина"

A strange creature has caused a stir in one of the parks in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province

The incident occurred on February 9 the eyes of the employee of the Park, Baiyun lake.

“It [the fish] back had a black color and looked like a turtle — he told local media. — Then it seemed her head, and she looked like the head of the snake”. According to him, the length of the fish was at least two meters.

The head of security said that the creature resembling both a fish and a reptile, which had wound up in the lake, it was known before, but it was not possible to identify.

Чудище вынырнуло из озера и распугало людей: "голова змеи, черная спина"

The incident caused a great commotion in the city, as the animal was quite aggressive. So the decision was made to temporarily prohibit Park visitors to swim in the lake. On the shore put signs banning to go into the water, and the Park staff focused on catching the uninvited inhabitant of the reservoir.

Чудище вынырнуло из озера и распугало людей: "голова змеи, черная спина"

On the fourth day the Park staff pulled from the lake two Mississippi billfish 1.2 m long and 0.9 meters. They believe that fish could swim out to the Park from the pearl river after raising the gateways of the reservoir in 2013.

Mississippi pancernik (alligatoridae pike) is one of the largest freshwater fish. The length of this species can reach three meters and a weight exceeding 130 kg. They are found in North and Central America, but from time to time you catch them outside their natural habitat. In particular, the Mississippi billfish seen in the Caspian sea, India, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Чудище вынырнуло из озера и распугало людей: "голова змеи, черная спина"

Earlier it was reported that American Kristen of Aldor together husband arrived in Africa from Florida in order to celebrate its 37th anniversary. Romantic Canoeing on the river in Zimbabwe nearly ended tragically for her. While sailing the river on a boat suddenly attacked by a huge hippopotamus.

The mammal got to the boat bottom and with a force threw her into the air. From hitting Kristen was dumped from a canoe, and it fell into the water. She tried to swim to the nearest shore, but almost immediately was attacked by a Hippo.

We will remind, the boy was found at home unknown to science beings.

As reported Politeka, unusual animal was born and frightened inhabitants.

Also Politeka wrote that the goat gave birth to a strange creature that resembles a human child.

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