The Ministry of Health warns the population against buying some HYDROLA products

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 The Ministry of Health warns the population against buying certain HYDROLA products

The Department of Health warns the public that using products that are not licensed by the Department of Health, or using products that do not comply with the terms of the license, may harm your health. Products in this series are sold without a license from the Ministry of Health, and we ask that you refrain from using the product.

Detailed information about the products of the series:

  • “Anti-aging care and nutrition kit with hyaluronic acid”
  • “Massage and nutrition kit with jars and nutrition”
  • "Intensive Serum & Dermoroll"
  • «Blemish & Pigmentation Brightening Cream"
  • «Intensive Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum"
  • «Revitalizing Night Cream
  • Intense Day Cream
  • “Active Eye Cream”
  • “Active Nourishing Hyaluronic Acid Mask”
  • “Active Cleansing Cream”
  • “Active Dual Action Facial Peeling” ;
  • “Acne Roll”
  • “Introduction Kit”
  • “Intensive Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream”
  • «Active Day Cream»

The Ministry of Health recommends careful checking that the cosmetics used are approved by the Ministry of Health and do not contain additional substances whose composition has not been tested and the safety of which is unknown.
< br /> You can check the product licenses approved by the Ministry of Health in the database of cosmetics and perfumes on the website of the Ministry.

For questions and additional information, you can contact the Voice of Health hotline. (*5400).

Shira Solomon
Press Secretary of the Ministry of Health

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