The Ministry of Health told in what cases occupational therapy will help

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 The Ministry of Health told in which cases occupational therapy will help

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The Israeli Ministry of Health has listed five health conditions for which occupational therapy can help. “In honor of World Occupational Therapy Day, we want to share 5 health conditions that occupational therapy can help you with,” it said. 1. If you have experienced physical trauma and are ready to return home. According to the Ministry of Health, an occupational therapist will help prepare a lesson plan tailored to your home and needs so you can help you become independent in your daily life. 2. If you have experienced emotional trauma and the workplace is not designed to deal with it. In this case, the occupational therapist can help reorganize the work environment. 3. You are a student who wants to successfully pass the examination period, despite the disorder in attention and concentration. According to the Ministry of Health, organizational and training strategies are an important component of occupational therapy. 4. The child has difficulty hitting the ball and it is difficult for him to fit into the team at breaks. It is clarified that skill training can improve his abilities and help him fit into the team. 5. You want to start your work day in a cheerful way, but you can't work because of chronic persistent pain. Managing pain and planning a daily routine that will help you function are just some of the ways occupational therapy can help, according to the Department of Health. “In occupational therapy clinics, people of all ages and health conditions are helped to organize and use the resources available to them. We believe that labor — it is a basic human need that is the essence of human existence, and participation in a variety of activities — a guarantee of personal health and well-being,” the message says.

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