The MINISTRY of health of Ukraine received $ 550 thousand from Google: what will they do

МОЗ України отримав 550 тисяч доларів від Google: на що вони підуть

Now the information from the Ministry of health will be the first in search queries

The Ministry of health of Ukraine reported that they received a Google grant in the amount of $ 550 thousand. The money will be spent on an information campaign on the coronavirus.

On the allocation of money from Google told on the page of the Ministry of health on Facebook.

The grant amount is used for search campaigns within prioritetines official sources of information. Thus the Ukrainian users of a search engine will receive the first official information, then publications from other sources.

The health MINISTRY stressed that it’s not talking about physical tools, and services to inform the public about the situation on coronaviruses spread of infection. Actually all this aid can be assessed in the amount of 550 thousand US dollars.

Google provides free MOH services to inform the public about the situation with the spread of the infection coronavirus

“This will allow users to search services in Ukraine in the first place to obtain reliable data, relevant information, instructions and recommendations on the situation with the spread coronavirus infection in Ukraine”, – stated in the message of Ministry of health.

This will allow Ukrainian users rarely go to the resources that are spreading false information.

We remind you how to correctly perform quarantine:

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